Written by Jane

25 Feb 2014

Hi. My name is Jane, I'm 41 years old, 5 foot 5 inches tall, short dark hair. My tummy is reasonably toned, 32c tits no longer as firm as they once were, but neither do they droop to much. My thighs are quite muscular from horse riding. Though I think my bums a bit too large, Mark my husband reckons it's lovely. All in all, my figure's quite good for my age. I'm still comfortable going topless and wearing thongs or strings on the beach, getting a bit of a thrill being practically naked, particularly if I got the attention of guys, especially younger ones. Mark liked guys admiring me and encouraged me to “accidentally” let my thong slip to the side. I was reluctant at first but discovered that, laid on the beach sunbathing with my legs apart, pussy uncovered, exposing my sex to guys was a turn on for me. The effect was to get me wet and excited and we'd have to move to a quieter spot where I could lie on my front, fingers between my legs and masturbate or hurry back to the hotel to fuck.

Several times on summer holidays, Mark suggested going further than flashing and inviting one or even two guys back to the hotel to join us for a threesome or foursome. Now I know the real reason was he wanted to watch other guys fucking me and not necessarily participate himself. I'd always refused until a holiday last year. Having reached 40, it crossed my mind that men might no longer find me attractive and whilst I didn't agree to go ahead and have sex with another man, I didn't dismiss the idea and said I'd consider doing it if the opportunity arose. Mark of course took that as a definite “Yes”.

We were into the second week of the holiday, all the guys I fancied seemed to be with other women, or didn't seem to notice me giving them the come on which was rather discouraging. Mark had just about given up and I was feeling a bit disappointed but decided to give it another go. We went to the hotel bar and club He won't dance but I enjoy it and he didn't object to me getting on the dance floor with guys. I'd had several dances with a couple of guys, Steve and his mate Mike, guys in their twenties. Of the two it was Mike I fancied most, his hands fondling my bum, holding me close, pressing what felt like quite a large and definitely half hard cock against me, whispering in my ear that he wanted to fuck me, telling me to go to the loo and take off my panties. I'd had enough to drink to lower my inhibitions, I had the hots for him and decided to do as he asked, see where things led.

When I returned he was talking to Mark, who was slurring and sounded quite drunk. I dragged Mike back onto the packed the dance floor. Almost as soon as we were out of view of Mark he asked if I'd taken off my panties. I nodded and held them up for him to see. He took them, put them in his pocket then pulling me close, put hands under my dress, on my naked bum, fingers pulling my cheeks apart. I felt so horny, I raised myself on tiptoe, legs parted. His hand moved between my legs, fingers brushing along my slit before he pushed a couple into my rapidly moistening pussy. I clung onto him, my arms around his neck, one of my legs over the knee he'd pushed between my legs, bouncing on his hand while he finger fucked me in the centre of the dark dance floor. I was getting perilously close to cumming when he told me that Mark had invited him to our room.

I stopped moving on his fingers, “Did he say why?” I asked, trying to sound innocent and hide my excitement. “He's pissed, but he said that you wanted me to fuck you while he watched” I did want him to fuck me and had been wondering if should ask Mark first. Marks invite solved that, though I'd have preferred to do the inviting myself. I moved away, his fingers slipping from my pussy, grabbed his arm, practically dragging him with me, collecting Mark on the way to take him to our room.

Mike didn't wait to get to the room. I wasn't wearing a bra. In the lift he had my halter top undone, the dress around my waist, my tits out. My nipples were already hard, pressing against his chest as we kissed and his wandering hands pushed my dress down over my hips, uncovering my naked bum, while Mark watched with a silly grin on his face. The dress was down around my thighs and fell to the ground as the lift door opened and I stepped out at our floor, giving several guys a good look at my smoothly shaved pussy and naked body. We left Mark to pick up my clothes and hurried along the corridor to our room.

Mark staggered in behind us and went to fetch drinks. By the time he joined us in the bedroom, Mike was also nude, stroking his cock whilst watching me, legs spread, masturbating. Mark undressed unsteadily, then fell on the spare sofa bed, beside the main bed. He started wanking, though his cock seemed to be refusing to cooperate. He was already almost out of it as he slumped on his side, eyes unfocused and almost closed. I left him there, shrugged at Mike, opening my legs wider offering myself to him. He buried his face between my legs, licking and sucking my pussy and clit until I was gagging for his prick, begging for him to fuck me. He turned me over, raised my bum, pushed my legs apart, rubbed his large cock along my slit before ramming it into my wet and very willing cunt and fucked me. I came twice before he finally ejaculated heavily inside me. I looked over at Mark who was still holding his limp cock and snoring.

Marks recollection of that night has remained virtually non-existent beyond the point that a guy was going to fuck me so I had to tell him what happened. The last thing he vaguely recalled was me being naked in the lift, whereas I was sober enough to remember it all in detail. He had missed watching Mike fucking me, and had absolutely no recollection of Steve and another of the Mike's friends joining us when I agreed he could phone them and invite them up to the room too. They both fucked me, Mark asleep on the sofa bed, not even stirring while I orgasmed noisily three or four times, taking a second and third load of spunk. I'd never felt so sexually aroused or cum as hard and repeatedly. I was eager for more.

We took a short break for drinks, although I spent most of the time sucking their cocks, determined to get them hard and ready to fuck me again. Being young guys, they were able to get erect quite quickly and I soon had three, beautiful hard cocks, ready to satisfy me. I pushed Steve back on the the bed and straddled him, guiding his lovely hard young cock into my pussy for the second time. My stretched and spunk lubricated hole took him to easily and his prick slipped out a couple of times. The other guy commented that my cunt could take a much bigger cock. Though Steve's cock wasn't particularly small, I had to agree I needed more. An idea popped into my mind. I'd read stories and occasionally wondered, usually while masturbating, what it would be like to experience being fucked by two men at the same time. Now was my chance to find out. Before I changed my mind I looked at Mike “Why don't you stick your cock in and fuck me too?” I invited with a grin. He didn't need asking twice.

I raised myself, turned around, lowered myself with my back to Steve, taking his cock in my pussy again, then laid back, legs apart. Mike climbed on the bed between my legs, put his hands on my thighs, fingers either side of my cunt stretching my hole open. I sat up a bit so I could see, as he shuffled closer until his cock touched my pussy. One cock already inside me, I watched as he rested his cock on top of his mates, prised my cunt open wider and began to slide his large erection into my sodden, welcoming mature cunt. My hole expanded to take him, his knob end slid inside me. I moved a hand to my mound, slipped a finger into my pussy, pulling my fuck hole more open, as he moved his hands away. I pushed against his hardness, felt his cock sliding in, penetrating me, his mate pushing his cock in deeper at the same time.

I took as much of their lengths as I could, pulled my finger from my hole, enjoying the sensation of having two cocks inside me, my pussy stretched tightly around them, my cunt satisfyingly filled. I moved slightly, getting completely comfortable, delighted when I felt their cocks slide in a bit more, both penetrating me more deeply. I watched fascinated, as Mike on top began fucking me, his cock sliding steadily in and out of my sex, my pleasure and arousal rapidly mounting. He gave me several strokes before stopping and Steve underneath took over, feeling as if he had almost his whole length up me. They alternated between them, the wonderful sensation of being Double Penetrated exciting me more and more, what I was certain was going to be an incredible orgasm building. I began to finger my clitoris, the little bud hard under my fingertips. I'd almost forgotten about the other guy, until his cock touched my face and he offered it to my mouth. I turned my head, opened my mouth, wrapped my lips around his cock and began to suck him greedily.

The two guys were fucking me faster, ramming their cocks in and out in turn. I began thrusting my cunt on the two cocks, wanting to feel the two throbbing cocks, spurting spunk inside me. I sucked harder, felt the cock in my mouth twitch, realised he was close to cumming, wanted to taste and swallow his cum. I heard him groan, his cock pulse, the warm seed in my mouth. I gulped the first spurt down. His cock slipped from between my lips, a second jet splashing on my face and tits. They'd been fucking me for 10 minutes or more, I felt the first flutter of an imminent orgasm. I gasped at them to fuck me harder, cum inside me. I began frigging my clitoris again frantically, getting closer and closer, the warm flush spreading out from my cunt, my skin hot and pink. Panting, I climaxed, crying out loudly, my pussy fluttering, contracting in waves, milking the two cocks inside me. I could feel them pulse almost simultaneously, the two guys thrusting their cocks into me, pumping their hot spunk into my horny cunt. Wave after wave of pleasure spread through my highly aroused body as I experienced a multiple orgasm. Thinking back this is probably the point when I knew I would want more of this, though I didn't realise what a Slut I would eventually become.

Mike squeezed the last drops of his spunk into me, then pulled out and climbed off. I lay with Steve's softening cock still inside me, luxuriating in the sexual sensations as they subsided. I rolled off after a couple of minutes and lay back on the bed. It wasn't yet midnight. They tried to persuade me to go back to the bar with them, tempting me by suggesting that they find some other friends who'd fuck me. I was tempted but decided I better stay with my husband.

Mark woke an hour or so after they'd left, woken by the sound of me masturbating, reliving what I'd done. He thought at first that I was playing with myself because he'd been to drunk for sex. I reminded him about inviting Mike to fuck me and told him that he, and two other guys, had fucked me and thought he'd been pretending to be asleep while he watched. I described how I'd sucked their cocks. I told him I'd been Double Penetrated whilst giving the third guy a blow job. He said he thought I was making it up, until I threw the sheet back and he saw my puffy, wet, gaping cunt, a little spunk dribbling out, and the wet stains on the sheets.

He moved between my legs for a closer look, sobering up remarkably quickly. I spread my legs wider for him, reached down pulling my hole open. I felt some more spunk leaking out leaving him in no doubt I was telling the truth. He looked up from my pussy to my face, obviously disappointed that he'd missed it all but then smiled as he leant forward. His head disappeared between my legs, and to my surprise he started to lick me, his tongue probing my cunt, teasing my clit as he licked and sucked the remaining spunk from my hole. I was close to cumming when he moved up my body, kissing me on the mouth. I could taste my juices and the guys spunk on his lips as he slid his hard cock into me.

He fucked me frantically. I told him I was a cock loving Slut, a Tart, a Whore, reminding him that he wasn't the first to shag me that night. The fact he had his cock in me after my cunt had welcomed three other men seemed to encourage him to fuck me harder. He frenziedly rammed his cock into my receptive cunt until we both climaxed.

Afterwards he asked me to describe to him in detail what I'd done. He regretted getting drunk and when he asked if I'd do it again so he could watch I agreed without any hesitation. I told him that I would be willing to have sex with three guys again next time, may be more.

We only had five days left but I was fucked by another seven young lads, the youngest was just 18. I picked up three to fuck me the next night and four more two nights later. Each time Mark watched, then after they'd gone, went down on me whilst my pussy was still flooded with spunk, licking and sucking me clean, before we fucked.

Talking about it on the last day I told him that I'd enjoyed it so much, and if he agreed, I might be persuaded to take part in a gangbang if we could arrange it. That and how I fulfilled a long held fantasy of being fucked by a black guy are stories I could tell in the future if anyone is interested.