Written by Exhausted

5 Mar 2015

My husband has been on at me to be more open minded about sex for ages and we regularly look at swinging web sites but have never done anything about it but as he's always on about trying new things I'm not the slightest bit guilty about what I'm about to tell you.

I,m going to change the names for obvious reasons. My boss 'Steve' is a nice guy, he's full of himself and extremely big, as in muscular and 6'5" as opposed my 5'2".

We get on well and although he flirts nothing had ever happened between us.

My husband and I go every year with him and his wife Carol to their holiday place in Spain and last year was no exception.

Everything was great and we where having a good time when my husband decided to go in to start making food. Steve's wife who is a very bubbly girl with an amazing figure followed him to the kitchen. As he left my husband whispered ' let him fuck you if he wants its ok.

I was mad with him at first but we had talked about this for a while and I knew he had talked to Steve about things.

Steve joined me in the living room whilst my husband and Carol went to the kitchen. Steve and I talked for a while when he asked if hubby had suggested anything, I asked him out right if he meant fucking. He was taken back a bit but said he was. I told him he had but I wasn't sure if he was serious.

Steve asked me what I though he and carol where doing right now. I got up to check the kitchen and they had gone. I could hear a noise coming from the bedroom, I crept to the door half excited at what I though was going on and half anxious but the noise gave it away. I looked in and saw my husband standing there naked with Carol on her knees also naked choking on his cock.

I watched for a while and I have to admit I was extremely aroused watching carols breasts swinging and being played with.

I stayed until my husband started to eat her pussy and decided it was my turn. I walked back to Steve who was sat waiting. By now I was determined to enjoy this so before I got close to him just told him to fuck me.

Within seconds my t-shirt and shorts where off and I was on my back with this huge guys tongue exploring my mouth before moving onto my tits and pussy, his tongue going far deeper than my husbands could.

I had my first of many orgasms when fingers replaced his tongue and my scream brought my husband and Carol into the room. I just glanced at them but to be honest was too busy being fucked to care. I remember Carol riding him on a chair but I was concentrating on Steve forcing his cock into my pussy, stretching me. My husband had always been gentle when we made love but Steve was like an animal, there was nothing gentle or loving about it I was just being fucked firstly on my back then pulled over the end of the settee and fucked doggy style then against the wall. Steve even walked around the room fucking me with my legs wrapped round his waist.

By now I was almost passing out and I had to tell him to slow down. I though a guy could only cum once but by now Steve has cum inside me twice and was still going.

I looked over at my husband, the look on his face was a picture but he had stared it. Steve continued to fuck me for a good while longer until he shot his last load into me and I honestly nearly blacked out my orgasm was so strong.

For almost an hour we all sat or lay there hardly saying a work, Carol coming over to give me a kiss and a gentle suck of my nipples before sitting between Steve and me.

We all enjoyed a few more afternoon of fucking before we went home. Carol and I had a bit of a gentle girlie time in front of the guys which they loved.

Steve has had me and Carol a few times in the office since but that's our little secret.