Written by steve

9 Dec 2017

Earlier this year we (partner Sarah n I) went on a fortnights holiday to Malaga, Spain. The first week was good, hotel clean n tidy, friendly staff etc. The days passed chilling by the pool, eating and drinking as you do, we got on particularly well with a group of 5 lads staying at the hotel for Sam, the youngests, 18 th birthday celebration. They were a lively bunch, any activity going during the day and serious drinking at night, they were a bit loud but never became rowdy or unpleasant.

On their last night they were back at the hotel unusually early which we thought was a bit strange but we got chatting and drinking, we migrated into a side room so as not to affect other guests, but after a while we were the only ones left anyway. The serious drinking games started and we all got quiet drunk. It then came out that the reason they were back early was that the strip club they'd planned to attend had shut early due to a disturbance before their arrival.

Sarah had nipped to the loo and as she came back there were calls for her to do them a dance as it was compulsory on stag and 18th birthdays. This was light hearted and the banter continued with Sarah saying she'd eat a baby like him for breakfast and him claiming to have seen it all before !! She's 41yrs a trim size 12, 34ff, so I think they were hoping a little bit! Eventually she agreed to do them a little dance but stated clearly she wasnt stripping off.

We got more drinks in and the barman went off to do paperwork or something so we were fairly secluded in our sideroom. Sam was sat in the middle and the rest of us sat in a line along the wall. Sarah started dancing sexily, gyrating and wiggling her hips before starting to slowly undo the buttons of her blouse, eventually dropping it to the floor.

As she came for another drink I said quietly, ''Steady on love'' she replied ''Its ok, its no different than a bikini''

She carried on dancing before going to the end of the line and flicking her hip at him and nodding at her skirt. He undid the first button, on to the next for button 2, third for 3 and fourth shacky hands to tug at the hem so it fell down! She danced past me and mouthed ''thats it no more''.

Theoretically bra n pants are the same as a bikini but in practice theyre Soooo different, she looked so horny as she danced around and we all had hard ons. She went and sat on Sams lap facing him and removed his T shirt, slid off and tugged his shorts off leaving him trying to hide his erection clearely showing in his Kelvin Cliens. She sat on his lap again rubbing against his cock and said ''Have you been a good boy on holiday?'' He dutifully replied''Yes miss'' Sarah''I heard youve been stealing bananas fron the restaurant and I think Ive found one'' She got off his lap and grabbed his his cock at the base leaving it sticking up in the air with the lycra boxers held tight aginst it, she then gave an exaggerated pretend blowjob. It was incrediblt sexy with her arse facing us and her head bobbing up and down even pretending. She planted a kiss on the end of it and got up saying ''i'll let u off it doesnt taste like a banana!''

She danced around a few minutes and slipped the bra straps off her shoulders, the bra stayed in place but her boobs got a ;life of their own rolling and swaying as she moved.

Then she stood in front of Sam, astride his legs, back to him and bent straight legged from the waist. I thought he'd pass out,her pussy only inches from his face. Unfortunately drink and high heels caused her to loose balance and she teetered forwards, I thought she was about to fall face first onto the floor but a bit of shuffling and she went backwards sitting square onto his face! She held onto his knees a few moments to get her balance and then moved forwards off his face but the cheeky devil had got a bit of her panties between his teeth and tugged at the crotch, she stopped and wriggled her hips and pulled forwards again but he held on. She sat back quiet firmly on his face and wriggled vigourously to shake him off and pulled forwards sharply but he still held on, her panties being tugged just a fraction down. She stopped and reversed again stopping just off his face for a few seconds as if trying to think what to do, thats when he took a chance, let go and shot his tongue up the side off her leg elastic trying to get her pussy. She gasped and shot forwards and I thought ''thats torn it, shows over, she'll kill him for that'' In that split second she sighed and reversed again slowly in a clear invitation to do it again, he didnt need asking twice!! She even put a hand round and pulled her panties to one side so he could get at it properly! I could hear him lapping and slurping at her pussy and hewr hand disappeared down his boxers but she couldnt get at him properly so they were pulled off and she started wanking him furiously.

It was a race to see who would make the other come first. Sams legs stiffened and trembled as he ewas on the verge when she slid off his face and onto his cock, burying it to the hilt in one go. Instead of up and down she gyrated in circles and made him come in seconds, giving herself a quick rub to finish herself off. As soon a she got her breath back she stood up, her pants slipping back into place leaving him trying to get a still erect very wet cock back in his boxers. She picked up her blouse and slipped it on and sauntered out of the room blowing us a kiss saying ''night night boys'' and she was gone.

I grabbed her handbag and skirt and raced after her as quickly as I could.

Back in the room she was all apologies saying it wasnt intended to happen and she was sorry. I reassured her it was fine. I pushed her back onto the bed and pulled her panties to one side and slipped my cock into a very hot wet pussy. We stayed still like that as I reassured herI was ok with everything and how proud I was of how sexy she'd looked etc when she relaxed and was happy I started moving slowly but came quickly, not surprisingly given the warm up I'd had!!