Written by johnnie cash

6 Sep 2008

This happened a few weeks ago. My wife Jill, size 10 and still very attractive, and I are in our early fifties but still have a amazing sex life even after 30 years off marriage, we have not swapped partners.

We have a 35 foot static caravan on the coast and we spent our two weeks holiday there, with the second week some friends coming down to see us and stay. Our friends are Dave and Dee. Dave is a young active looking acting 65 and Dee is 60, she is still very sexy with big breasts and an arse to die for, a very attractive lady.

Well they arrived on the Saturday and we put them in the bedroom with the twin beds as we had the master bedroom. We have been friends for about 25 years so we knew each other quite well, with nothing ever going on between us, just friendship. On the night time we went out for a meal and to watch some live music, it was a great night with all of us having a lot to drink. Dave and Dee were well merry and my wife Jill was giggly with drink.

We got back to the caravan in the early hours and Dave put some smoochie music on and started to dance with Jill. As I watched them Dee sat next to me her large breast pressed into my arm. Dave’s hands were now wandering over my wife’s arse as they danced, I should have got jealous instead I stated getting a hard on. Dee turned to me and put her tongue in my ear then I felt her fingers stroking my cock. I shot a look over at Dave and my wife, she had her back to me, his hands were now inside her knickers and from the position he was playing with her anus. Jill suddenly my have come to her senses and said it was time for bed. We gave each other a drunken hug and said what a great night it had been and we went to our own bedrooms.

Once in bed my cock was still hard from watching Dave fingering my wife’s anus and Dee, his wife, stroking my hard cock. I leaned over to Jill and started kissing her, we both sleep naked. I felt her pussy, it was soaking, probably from Dave’s arse fingering, it was so wet I just had taste it so I gave it a good licking and sucking before she came violently with my tongue buried inside her, she squirmed and squirted in my face, forcing my face into her wet cunt. Afterwards she said she was so sensitive down there that would I not fuck her please, so reluctantly agreed and we fell asleep.

The following morning I was the first up and made tea and coffee in my boxer shorts. I took Dave and Dee their coffee in, I knocked and opened the door. Dave was still spark out with his back to me in his bed. Dee was lying on her side, bed covers pushed down, wearing black lacy panties and bra still asleep. I put the coffee on the bedside table and woke Dee, I could feel my cock stirring, and it was only a few inches away from her luscious mouth with only the thin material of my boxers in between.

She opened her eyes and looked directly at my cock, then my face. “Coffee” I said. She pulled up the bed cover to cover herself and I left.

When we was all up Jill, Dave and Dee wanted to go for a swim at a nearby swimming pool. I said didn’t want to go and I would stay behind and tidy the van up and put on some breakfast for when they came back.

I soon tidied up the place and got breakfast going. I made our bed up and went into the twin room to make up Dave and Dee’s beds. When I pulled the covers back of Dee’s bed there were her black lacy panties and bra that she wore in the night. I touch them, they were still warm. I put the cups of the bra to my face, I could smell her body on them. I picked up her panties; there was a damp patch in the gusset right where her cunt would be. I raised them to my nose and smelt the aroma of her sex, heavy sensuous not like Jill’s, a heady sexy sexual scent that had my cock hard as rock. Still smelling the gusset of her panties I pulled out my cock, it was leaking pre cum. I wrapped the gusset of her panties over my bell ended cock and slowly started to wank, my pre cum now adding to her pussy juiced gusset. Nice long strokes as I squeezed my pre cum into the material. It wasn’t long until I could feel my orgasm welling up and I cum, spurt after spurt after spurt of hot white creamy spunk into the gusset of her black lacy panties. I looked down at them, they we saturated with my cumjuice. I carefully replaced them and the bra in the bed and made the beds up. I was thinking it would night time before Dee put them back on and hopefully would have dried out and she wouldn’t notice.

They came back from their swim and they showered, changed and had breakfast. Nothing was said about the antics of the night before and I must admit I would have been surprised as Dave and Dee are not into swinging or swapping, just plain and straight, I put it down to the drink and the heat of the moment. We at around chatting what a great we all had and what were we going to do today. I said that we should have a walk, and they agreed.

Just inland there are some hills that are great for walking. We set of at steady pace but after a while Jill and Dave were in front by some 100 yards leaving Dee and me trailing. Dee said thank you for making the beds up, I said it was no problem, she said I found your present in my panties. My blood ran cold, I started to say I didn’t know what she meant when she said my panties were wet and smelt of cum, it wasn’t Dave’s so it must be yours. I went red, she looked at me smiled and told me that she was wearing them right now. My face must have looked a picture. She explained that she had found the cum soaked panties after having a shower after swimming this morning and she quickly realised it must have been me. She said she smelt my cum juice and it turned her on, so much so she put them on to feel my cock juice against her pussy. The effect of feeling another mans spunk against her pussy lips made her rub the material into herself until she came and even now as we walked she was oozing pussy juice, she said that she feel her juice running down the inside of her legs.

The other two waited until we caught up and we walked on for a mile or so until we came to a café. As Dave and Jill waited to get served, Dee and I sat at the table. She said there was no way she would cheat on Dave by letting another man fuck her (her words) but other fun could be had, she touched me on the lips with her wet fingers, I could smell her sexual scent on them and said that I could wank into her panties anytime the opportunity arose.

The other two came back with drinks and the conversation returned to normal

All the rest of the week they stayed I managed to shoot my load several times into her panties, and she wore them every time, telling me how much she frigged herself when wearing them. On one occasion she asked me shoot near to the back of gusset so she feel my spunk on her anus when we were all out together, I did offer to fuck her up her ass but she said no. On the last day she asked if I could cum in the cups of her bra as well as her panties as she wanted to feel my cum on her nipples, embarrassingly enough by the end of the day my cock juice had leaked through her bra and had caused two little damp patches on her blouse, luckily she saw them first and changed into a tight jumper.

Since we have been back of holiday nothing has been said between Dee and me, but maybe one day she may well ask.