Written by kinkybaby

19 Jul 2010

This year me and my husband went abroad to greece. Now my hubby loves and i mean loves watching me getting fucked although its not been as often recently... he has a huge fantasy of me going and getting fucked silly without saying a word to him, then tying him to chair and showing him a video of it while i teased him...i always thought it would be touch but i would make it happen.... anyway on holiday we arrived and i just got horny the minute we got to the hotel... day one my hubby just cant sit still and sunbathe he needs to be doing something. so he heard there was a football match arranged he kissed me and left to go. i lay there on the lounger topless quite happy.... i must have dosed off when i awoke with the feeling of someone stroking my hair. i opened my eyes to see the most gorguous hunky guy i have ever seen wanting to get me to go paragliding with his company.....

I sat up and started talking to him, he was italian and called gio.... I knew i wanted to fuck him, but i always ran it by my hubby first.... i just thought fuck it. I said to gio i would love to but i dont have any money here its at my room. He asked what room it was and said he would meet me there in ten minutes to get payment and he slid away with a knowing wink...

I almost ran to my room to get into something sexy and to also put the camcorder on so my hubby could see the lot. I heard the knock at the door, i walked as calm as i could and opened it. Gio just strolled in and and sat on the bed.. I closed the door walked to him and he grabbed me and threw me on the bed. I was so wet he knew what he was doing my bikini bottoms were off and i had two maybe three fingers in me right away.. he went down and started licking me which just pushed me over the edge and i came... i sat up and pulled his shorts down to see a nice 8 inch cock with all his pubic hair sahved away.

I slipped it into my mouth and started sucking licking.... eventually he just grabbed my hair and pulled me onto my feet.. he was rough which i really liked.. I was then bent over the bed he came round behind me and just pushed right into me really started to fuck me hard slapping my arse pulling my hair, I came again very loud.. he then pulled out span me round and pushed his cock in my mouth and shot his cum into my mouth which i swallowed.

I gave him twenty euros and told him i would be there tomorrow.. he smiled and said i will give you an extra special deal tomorrow. he left and i just lay the on the bed have had a great fuck, i stood up and smiled at the camera saying hope you enjoyed that and switched it off.

I then took the tape out and have kept it for this weekend as my hubby knows nothing about that fuck which took place although he certainly seen more over the next two weeks..