Written by Frank

26 Apr 2016

My wife and I, recently returned from Gran Canaria from holiday. Like many others, I’ve had a fantasy of seeing my wife Paula having sex with an other man or men. So when events unfolded quite innocently on holiday, I took full advantage and had my desire fulfilled.

We are both in our late 40’s and Paula is a very good looking woman for her age. She is 5’5 tall, short black hair has a rather nice pair of tits good curvy body and shapely legs.

She was a virgin when we met at college and to my knowledge has never strayed before nor given any hint that she would like to.

On the Monday of our holiday, we walked along one of the beaches, don’t know which one as it was our first time at GC, anyway instead of walking back along the shore, we cut inland a bit and found ourselves among the dunes. Suddenly, we came upon a sight that startled us.

A rather buxom white woman was on her back with a big black bloke (and I don’t mean he was tall) stuck up her and shagging the life out of her as another bloke who from the way he was holding her hand seemed to be her husband encouraged him and her. Half a dozen other blokes stood around with their cocks in hand wanking themselves as the watched the show.

I didn’t know what to do and tried to hurry on but Paula stood rooted to the spot watching, alternating between the couple fucking and then the men wanking. I had to go back and literally drag her away and it was only when one of the men wanking looked like he was coming over to us that I was able to get her to come with me.

All the way to the hotel, she asked why people did that sort of thing. I asked her if she was turned on by it and she said that she was a bit. I knew it was more than a bit. All week she brought it up and I was expecting her to ask if we could go back but I think her courage deserted her each time she looked like suggesting we go for a walk in the dunes. However, although we didn’t go back, whenever Paula brought it up, she would want me to fuck her.

On the Saturday, we had new neighbours, 4 young black lads from Wolverhampton, 18 and 19 years old as we found out.

We were just about to turn in on their first night and one of them knocked at our door a bit drunk and asked if we minded them playing music for an hour or so till the unwound before bed.

I told them it was ok as we were goosed and would hear them.

Over the next few days, we bumped into them regularly sometimes in the hotel or in some of the bars. What I did notice was that they all kept taking sly looks at Paula, trying to see down her halter top or ogling her at the pool.

One night, we were drinking in the hotel bar and Paula was merry and we’d all had a bit to drink and I went to the toilet followed by Jason, one of the lads next door to us.

Being a bit braver for the drink. I told him I’d seen them ogling Paula and then I came straight out with it and asked if they would like to fuck her cos I’m sure they had discussed it among themselves.

He was very cautious about his answer but said that yes, they had discussed Paula and they definitely would fuck her if they got the chance.

I told him to tell his mates what I’d said and we would see what would happen as the night drew on BUT I told him, whatever happened, I wanted to watch. He must have told them straight away because they gave me knowing smiles after that.

We all decided to call it a night and as we went up stairs, I told Jason to invite us in for a night cap and some music and we’d play it from there. Paula was dancing with Carl at this point and announced she needed the loo. I took my que here and said I’ would hide in one of the bedrooms and that they should tell Paula I’d spilt a drink on myself and had gone next door to change.

I then told Jason not to rush her but that she was putty if her neck and ears were caressed and nibbled.

When Paula came out of the bathroom, I heard someone tell her what had happened and that I’d be back shortly. Jason put on some slow music and started dancing with Paula. Because of the drink, she was a lot less inhibited than she might have been normally with 4 young men. Anyway, they were dancing very close and I heard her gasp. From where I was, I could just make out that Jason was kissing her neck and licking her ear lobes. He had his hands on her bottom and was slowly gyrating his groin against hers in tempo with the music, so as it didn’t seem too obvious what he was doing. Jason then planted a kiss on her lips, a small nibbly one sort of kissing and gently biting them and then back to her neck.

By now she was sighing and gasping every few seconds, then as he lifted the back of her light summer dress and put his black hands on her bare buttocks, (she was wearing a skimpy thong type panties), I thought he’s blown it because she sais “no, you mustn’t,…… Frank might come in” Jason simply told her not to worry and continued….again more sighing.

By now, Jess had stood up and come behind her and as Jason was working on her neck Jess began kissing her back and shoulders. Again more gasps. Jason now left go of her buttocks and started to unbutton her dress but this allowed Jess access to fanny from behind and with his arms around her, he rubbed her mound from behind as Jason let her dress fall to the floor.

Paula was now physically shaking and gasping so much I thought she would collapse. She tried one last time at some kind of protest saying…”no we can’t, Frank might” and that is as far as she got. Jess told her not to worry at the same time as Jason planted a long lingering kiss with his tongue firmly in her mouth. Jess had now removed her skimpy pants and was combing his finger through her black bush and he was trying to get one of his fingers up inside Paula’s pleasure tube, he must have succeeded because she gave a very startled gasp, even with Jason’s tongue in her mouth.

The three of them were now joined by Carl and Steve who immediately got to work kissing and caressing her legs and stomach.

During this time, I had opened the bedroom door wider and had a perfect view of the proceedings, Paula was oblivious to my presence though. Suddenly, her legs seemed to buckle and Jason steadied her, then lifted her up and carried her to the other bedroom.

I have never seen clothes shed a s quickly as those 4 lads did, although to be fair they had little on to start with.

Paula was lying on the bed with a very dreamy look on her face Jason knelt on the bed between her legs, pulled them open more and licked her fanny causing Paula to shake and shake while Jess and Carl sucked her tits and tongued around her nipples . Jason then stopped and crawled up between her legs and as I stood at the doorway, I saw his cock disappear into Paula and she let out a long Oooohhhhhhhhhh.

Being young men, there was little fineness, as soon as he was up her, he started to hammer away at her and after about a minute I saw his buttocks tighten and he shot his young spunk into her. To this point, I hadn’t though about condoms. Before I could get my thoughts together, Carl told Jason to hurry up and get off her and let someone else fuck her and soon his cock was up her as far as he could push it. Meanwhile, as he was fucking Paula, Jess had knelt up on the bed and offered her his cock to suck. Now Paula has never suck a cock before and I think she didn’t realise what he wanted. However, as her mouth was open gasping at the fucking she was receiving, he pulled her head around to his cock and fed it into her mouth. The look on her face was classic, not horror just shock at finding her mouth full of cock. I think she tried to push him away, but now Carl was shooting his cum up my wife’s unprotected hole and she was now cumming too.

Steve now was between Paula’s legs and feeding his cock up her and just as he got the full length up her, Jess who was wanking his cock as he moved it in and out of Paula’s mouth, grunted and filled her mouth with his cum. Jason who was lying along side her kissing her tits, stopped on seeing Jess cum in her mouth and whispered in her ear….”swallow it Paula swallow it”

To be honest, I don’t think she could have done anything else, she was lost in a sea of lust and as soon as Steve had cum in her, she was wanting more and Jess obliged.

In all, it had only been 15 minutes and she had 4 loads of cum in her cunt and on load in her mouth.

When Jess finished fucking her, I moved fully into the bedroom, having removed my clothes and with a boner fit to snap. Suddenly Paula saw me and the sudden realisation of what she had done was written in fear on her face. I bent down and told her not to worry as I was going fuck her now and I did, for a bit longer than the lads had. Of course, when I’d finished, the lads were ready again and so for the next hour, round two and of course, they all wanted their cocks sucking and Paula swallowed 4 helpings of cum….I don’t think she knew she could spit it out if she wanted and we didn’t tell her.

We were going home in 4 days so we made sure that for those next three nights, Paula’s cunt was filled with young black cock and her cunt and stomach filled with young black spunk.

As we came away, I suggested to Jason that he give me his phone number and we might possibly continue our sexcapades at home because as it turned out, we are only about 50 miles away