Written by Andy

13 Jul 2013

We, my wife Helen and I have just got back from a fortnights holiday in Side, Turkey. Last year we were in Gumbet and as regular readers may recall, I told about the four Turkish Massages, my wife Helen enjoyed, all of which ended in her getting a good fucking.

This year we stayed at another resort called Side. The hotel we stayed in had an in house Hammam which offered the usual treatments and services. The guy that ran it was to be frank a bit of a pain as he pestered guests every day to go and have a massage. I suppose he was in his early 40's well built and of medium height. Helen as you might rememberis in her early 50's has blonde hair and a fine pair of boobs.

Anyway, this guy had been pestering Helen to go for a massage every day of our holiday and on the second last day she gave in and agreed to go the following afternoon after we had been to the beach for the last time.

When it came time for her to go she was wearing a bikini and a wrap around. I stayed in our room for a nap.

This is the story she told me as to what happened.

Helen went down to the Hammam and was met by the masseur. He led her inside and then locked the door behind them both. He then took Helen in to the usual wash and scrub room but before she could do anything thing he started telling her how beautiful she was and how he had lusted after her for the last fortnight. He then without further ado, removed her bikini and lay her face down on one of the cleasning areas. He then proceeded to rub her whole back with the usual mitt and salt/water mixture. At times Helen said his hand came very close to her pussy and he paid a lot of attention to her bum. She was then rolled over and he started on her front. This time he made no effort not to touch and rubbed her pussy and tits and Helen was soon squirming with pleasure. She was then stood up and he poured warm water over her to rinse of the salt mix.

She was then again told to lie down on her front and he bagan to wash and foam her back, again he payed lots of attention to her bum and in fact slipped a very soapy finger into her ass. Helen was again rolled over and it was then that she realised that he was also naked. She said he had a good sized cock that was very hard. He started washing and foaming her front, again playing with and rubbing her pussy and he paid lots of attentionto her big tits, squeezing them and also playing with her nipples. Helen by now said she was feeling realy horny so when he climbed up onto the marble slab she was lying on and parted her legs, she was ready for a good fuck. He pushed her legs right back and without further ado, slipped his cock deep inside her pussy. At first he was only fucking her slowly but was also leaning over and sucking her nipples which she adores. As Helen got more and more turned on he started to fuck her faster and did this untill they had both come.

When they had got their breath back, Helen was led into the shower room and they showered each other, playing with each others bodies untill he was hard again.

He then led Helen into the sauna which Helen realised was not turned on. When she mentioned this to him he said that it was to be used for something else that afternnon.

Helen sat down on one of the benches facing him and he stood in front of her playing with her tits. She lent forward and took his cock into her mouth and gave him a long blow job but stopped before he came. He then stood Helen up, turned her around and lent her forward so that she was holding the back of the bench. He then slipped his cock into her very wet pussy and began to fuck her again. He pulled her hair which turns her on and also slapped her bum several times which she finds a real turn on. Helen said he fucked her for ages and she had at least 2 more orgasms before once again they both came together.

After this second fucking they showered again and then he led her to a massage table where he oiled her whole body, tits and bum especialy, and gave her what she describesd as a very erotic massage.

Afterwards he kept saying that he wanted to fuck her again but as we were going home that night, it was not possible.