Written by J-n2

26 Apr 2009

Here\'s a true story for you that happened to me in March this year. Divorced woman, still got a great curvy figure, never having been on holiday alone before i was a little nervous of feeling a bit like i\'d stand out as a woman on the pull, which i didn\'t think i was...

Two days into the holiday i\'d started talking to lots of couples in the hotel bar at night and also on the beach. I\'d noticed one guy in particular was always placing his sunbed so he could get a good view of me. We had exchanged mobile numbers the night before as he said he had a contact for me for work when back in the UK. I\'d just sat down, sit dressed in my wrap around skirt and top and my phone buzzed with a text. It was him saying \"take off your bikini bottoms and flash me your pussy\". I look up and there he was about 20 feet away, his wife sat the opposite way round reading her book. I don\'t know why but i just did it. I wriggled out of my pants and sat back down and when i was sure he was looking opened my legs. I\'d had a full wax before coming away so i knew it looked very bare and my clit would be on show cos i was feeling suddenly very horny. He text back quite quickly \"move your sunbed closer and open your legs wider\". I was getting into this now and feeling incredibly wet and horny.

I moved about another 6 feet nearer to him and sat back down placing one leg either side of the sunbed giving him what must have been a very open view indeed. He text back \"you look amazing, so pink and bare, i want to lick it and then fuck it...slowly. Take off your bikini top now, you haven\'t done since you got here\"

As i\'ve got a 36D bust i usually leave my top on so as not to attract to much oogling but yes you\'ve guessed there i was unhooking the fasterner at the back and showing my tits with nipples stuck out like door knobs. I started to rub in some sun cream and i saw his wife get up and go off down the beach, going for her daily walk. He text \" lie on your stomach, pull your skirt up so i can see the cheeks of your arse, i\'d going to put cream on your legs when she\'s out of sight\"

Now, i was as they say in men\'s talk gagging for it.... within about 5 mins i felt his hands rubbing cream on my back and his fingers brushing the sides of my tits. he moved to my calves and up my thighs... I was willing him to go further. He pushed up the hem a little more and massaged the cheeks of my bum and without warning slipped a finger round the rim of my bumhole. it felt so horny it made me moan and arch my back. He then moved to the top of my thighs and just as a waiter was walking past slipped two fingers into my wet pussy and whispered in my ear \"what\'s your room number, we\'ve got 30 mins to play\"

As we got to my room he wasted no time in pushing my head onto his waiting cock. He held my head and said his wife wasn\'t keen on oral. How can anyone not be keen on oral!! I decided he deserved my best head and really sucked hard and deep making his balls twitch. He was in good shape for a 54 year old and had a good 8 or 9 inch shaft and good control not to come too soon.

He pushed me on the bed and spread my legs wide, licking slowly and teasing my clit with his finger and thumb. He pulled my juices from inside and rubbed them on my clit, working it to grow till it felt like the size of a cherry, it was definately sticking up proud and red! he teased and teased it very slowly bringing me to the edge several times and kept looking at it saying \" its just a magnificent clit, one of the biggest i\'ve seen\" . This made me want to fuck his mouth even more. Deep intense climax followed and before it could subside he was inside me with his cock and putting pressure on my clit with his thumb. A really hard fucking followed ending in him saying \"I\'m close, open your mouth and be ready to swallow it\" I obeyed and he withdrew quickly and moved to above my face. Held me down with his left hand on my shoulder and wanked with his right hand into my open mouth. As he cam he shouted \"You dirty dirty bitch, I\'m going to fuck you every day this week\"

And he did..... even twice some days when his wife went to bed early and left him drinking in the bar with his mates. I\'d get the text telling me what to do. It was the horniest holiday I\'ve had in 30 years

J xx