Written by trainer

31 May 2016

Having a wife who spends all of her waking day in a wheelchair, is not great for the sex life especially as she was more than happy to visit clubs and nudist beaches across europe, when she could walk. Well last week we were in Benidorm, her choice, I wasn't really happy about going there, but it is very accessible so we could both have a good break.

On the first evening, we made eye contact with a guy, who was also in a wheelchair on day four, we found ourselves sat by the pool next to this couple, he was in a even worse state, than my wife, it was terminal for him, but we were having the normal 'disabled' chat about the rooms, hotel and resort, when he offered the information that they were both 66yrs old, she was in a bikini, suited for a woman that age, brown shoulder length hair and fairly well stacked boobs. She asked him if he wanted a drink and he said she sould buy a round, I offered to carry drinks, so we left our partners chatting and went to the bar.

At the bar we found ourselves in the happy hour queue, it seemed that almost all of the resort had made a beeline for the bar at the exact same time, we stood patiently waiting making small talk about helping our respective partners when she asked me about our sexlife, I looked at her, a very attractive woman and decided to talk mine down, it's not that bad really, but she then said theirs had all but died, he was on chemo every three weeks and once that had started he had stopped performing.

We were no further to the bar than we were five minutes, the youngsters all were buying cocktails, so I suggested the inner bar, she agreed and we left to go inside the hotel. as we entered she went over to the lift, I looked a little surprised, but I suddenly clicked and followed her, in the lift I moved towards her and she threw her arms around my neck as we kissed, we goot to her floor, and she opened their room, I had my hand inside her bottoms and slipped a finger inside and she blew a little, I pushed her bottoms down tugged my trunks off and pushed her onto the first bed with no other foreplay I pushed ny throbbing cock inside her, she let out a whimper as I began to fuck her from behind, god I would have loved to play with her longer, but I was aware we were supposed to be getting drinks, so I wasn't that disappointed to come fairly quickly.

with that she turned kissed me then said we'd better get those drinks quick.

When we got back our partners were still comparing accessibility tips and didn't seem to notice the time we'd been gone, except when I passed him his drink, he winked at me and smiled.