Written by Kateluvtofuck

12 Feb 2009

one of myfirst jobs was as a holiday rep...I saw another story recently on here which prompted me to write. I was 18 and first time away from home. along with lots of other reps in Ibiza around my age. It is hard work although the fun you have can be obscene. After just a week I had already shagged two of the male club reps...once as a threesome and already sucked off a barman at the back of his bar!!! I was free young and horny. Most of the time tired through all of the partying and hungover!! We had a bet points for different types of sex through the month. trust me I was getting up there with the best. as soon as a new crowd of 18-30's arrived we would check them out and give them our absolute best attention..... One group arrived and these four guys were great fun. after just three hours my colleague and I were already naked in their room drinking cheap booze. My colleague Jane & I had got used to sharing shall we say and perfected the blow job together. This drove men wild sucking and licking their cocks and balls and sucking on each others tongue!! This time we were being roasted . I had a large cock being heavily shoved down my throat and he was moaning. The other guy was ramming it up my pussy and his balls were bouncing of my arse...I was cumming and cumming

Jane was sat on a guy bouncing up and down while sucking the others guys cock. I could see he was cumming and his cum splashed over her face and boobs. She was screaming loudly. We all changed over and I was fucked by all four. Finally full oc their juices. Jane and I now rather drunk. Gave up with the guys and started to kiss and fondle each other. We got in a 69 and I licked the lovely juices of the guys from her pussy...it dripped down my chin. She came in my mouth and I licked it all up. She fingered my arse and licked me noisily. The guys were amouted for him to fucked me harder, which he did only to cum very quickly. I sat up and pulled one other to me and he kissed my wet pussy juiced face. I sat on his cock and they all watched me ride him once more till I cam and oh my god I did scream very loudly, he said his balls nearly dropped off. He shuddered as he came I have never seem someone do this so intensely. There were amazed and hadnt seen anything like this before. I think photos may be out there. One guy came over and rammed his cock up my arse while I was down on jane. It was fab I shag all the time cant get enough

I have fucked 89 guys as a rep and 4 women. I love the job although poorly paid. The older guys are best. They can go on for hours and are keen to try new things. I have been known to shag up to four guys in one day separately!!! i am the club 18-30 slag. Look me up if in Ibiza. My name is Kate. you can do me with a friend....