Written by Rob and Brenda

19 Feb 2018

I’m Robert and my wife is Brenda, I’m 56 and Brenda is 54. We have a limited swinging lifestyle that we want to share with you but not in this country just in our holiday home. We own a villa in Florida with a golf course to the front and a wooded area to the back which the pool over looks. Brenda and I have a great sex life and enjoy making use of the secluded pool area. There is a wooden fence surrounding the back of the property about 12 ft from the pool and as I say, a wooded area after that. We enjoy sex and make love most days and when we are in our villa we like to make love either in the pool or on the sun bed at the side of it, and that’s how our swinging lifestyle started.

We had discussed ways of spicing up our sex life and had even toyed with the idea of trying dogging, not for Brenda to have sex with someone else but for her to experience another man’s cock in her mouth and him to cum over her extremely ample breast but we had never managed to get the courage to do it.

Then last summer events sort of took over. One evening just before dusk Brenda and I were at the side of the pool on a sun lounger, I was inside her fucking when she wrapped her pegs round my back and grabed my face and whispered to me ‘ don’t’ turn round but someone is watching us’. I said something about seeing him off but she held me tight and told me to keep going, lest see what he does.

We had a bit of a giggle and I continued, the thought of someone watching was quite a turn on. I asked how he could see us and she said that it was through a gab in the fence. We fucked and ti got more and more urgent, Brenda was getting deeply aroused and whilst I fucked her she watched him. Then her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she climaxed, then she told me that he was masturbating and that he had made the gap bigger and had his cock in his hand and was tossing himself off. I told her to describe him to me and she told me he was a young lad, about 21 or 22, white, big with a large dick. Then she told me to fuck her harder so I obliged and then again she started to buck under me, thrusting herself against my cock, her eyes rolled into the top of her head again and she groaned ‘he’s cum on the floor’ she groaned and told me that she was cumming.

The she lets out an almighty groan and shuddered and then froze. Brenda had the deepest orgasm of her life. I looked over my shoulder and he had gone. The next evening we lay there hoping he would come back and he did. As soon as we saw movements Brenda was on her knees sucking my cock, her huge tits swaying every time my shaft slipped into her mouth. We pretended not to notice him but he was there, a big fat cock in his hand. I got her onto her knees and slipped into her doggy style and fucked her hard. Now we weren’t pretending not to see him and he knew we could see him. I fucked her hard and her tits swung as she groaned. I held her head up so he could get a better look at her tits and after a good while his cum poured out ad through the gap in the fence ad that set us off. I shot my load into my wife and she has her second big orgasm of her life before collapsing onto her tummy and then he was gone. The next evening it was the same, I fucked my wife on her back and doggy style and she rode my cock, tits bouncing as she groaned but now there were three of them. I had made the gap bigger at Brenda’s request so that he may have the confidence to come closer. It was luck that I did because all three lads were wanking watching my wife and I fuck and watch me suck her tits.

That night it was Brenda’s idea to put the sign up. I wrote, ‘come closer, its fine, your invited to com and watch’. The next night Brenda and I lay there naked, touching each other wandering if they would come back. I couldn’t wait any longer and I slipped down to eat her pussy when she grabbed my head and said ‘oh fuck, don’t turn round’ but I couldn’t help it. I glanced over my shoulder and all three lads had climbed through the gap in the fence. I fucked Brenda for a while but the told me to get up. I did as I was told.

My naked wife stood at the mesh and pressed herself against it, two of the lads came closer and pressed they’re hands against the mesh and against her tits whilst continuing to wank using the other hand. She told them to come to the door and walked to the pool screen door. She grabbed a towel and lay it on the floor and opened the door and knelt on the towel. Not all three lads stood in front of her and masturbated, one of them kept having a cheeky feel of her tits. The three of them were around 21 to 24 ish. One was a tubby guy with a short stubby dick, the other a powerful lad and his cock was huge and the third lad was powerfully built with a long skinny cock and I wandered if this was illegal n Florida and was thankful that no one could see us and hoped that no one else came across the gap in the fence.

Then on by one they shot cum onto my wife’s face and chest. Two of them managed to shoot two or three good face full’s of cum into her face and into her mouth. Then she thanked them and invited them to come into the pool area the next evening. I questioned her wisdom at inviting them in, we didn’t know anything about them, she apologised and said that she got carried away.

The next evening we left the side gate open and at the exact same time the lads walked through the gate. Brenda had been on edge all day, now she let out an almost silent squeal. She had asked me to wait inside and that she wanted to do this just once I her life but didn’t tell me what ‘this’ was.

She stepped out of her dress and walked naked into the pool. I told the guys to have fun and went into the villa but stayed close enough to the pool to be able to watch, just in case. The lads looked at each other not sure what to do. Then as though someone had flicked a switch they jumped out of their closes and into the pool. There was laughing and splashing, Brenda introduced her self and they did the same. Then she stood up in the shallow end and took one of her huge tits and offered it to the big tough lad. They surrounded her, hands and fingers and fists deep in every hole. Then they took it in turns. The big tough lad pulled her down by her arm and lay her on her back at the side of the pool. He knelt between her legs and thrust himself in and fucked her. My wife cried out as he shafted her hard, no foreplay just in and fuck. He didn’t know whether to suck her tits, grab them or just fuck her and in the end he tried all three.

It wasn’t long before he was impregnating my wife with young spunk and Brenda climaxed, he got off and stood at her side, his dick wet hanging there. Then the second lad was inside her and fucking her hard and Breda climaxed again and she was impregnated again and then the third lad took his place and again she was filled with cum and again she climaxed. Every night for the next 6 days my wife was fucked by these three lads and every night they impregnated her at least once with cum. The last night they fucked her in the pool but the lad with the skinny cock took his time, he and Brenda seemed to be deep in conversation, the other two had done the deed and were messing around in the pool. The skinny dicked lad and Branda swapped spit and sucked tongue for quite a while, then Brenda said something and turned round to face the edge of the pool. The lad positioned himself behind her and thrust himself forward. I watched as my wife was given an anal fucking by this lad. His hands grabbing and holding onto her big fat tits. The other two just watched as did I.

I watched and listened to her beg him to keep going and to ‘ fuck my ass hard’ and after a lot of grunting and squealing and begging for more I listened to my wife plead ‘ cum in my ass, oh fuck I’m Cumming, fill my ass ‘ . Then with three or four sharp thrusts he obliged and shot spunk into my wifes anus. He eased himself out and she turned round and they sucked more tongue.

Then I suggested they left, after a little ore tongue sucking they did so. Brenda admitted that night that for a brief moment she fell in love with him. I was annoyed, ‘the lad fucks you in the ass and you fall in love’? She apologised and turned over and fell asleep. We went home the next day leaving a note for the boys. I know she gave him her e mail address and that’s fine, I take photo’s of her with her tits out and fingers in her cunt for him and next month we are going back and I guess for more fucking sex.