Written by Bigbones53

14 Feb 2010

During the previous week, I had booked a week away in a small Cornish town away from all the daily chores. The cottage was small and very quaint and had a shared pool with sauna with two other cottages. One of the cottages was not rented but the other one had a couple of around early 40’s who I later found out to be called Jim and Lucy.

On Sunday afternoon myself and Gayle decided it would be nice to go for a swim so we headed up to the pool. We’d been in the water for about an hour when the door opened and in walked Jim and Lucy. Jim was about 6’ tall and stocky to heavy build. Lucy on the other hand was a curvaceous 5’ 6” with lovely big boobs and a firm bum. They came in and apologised saying they hadn’t realised we were in the pool. We responded with an invitation, asking them to join us. The quickly stripped off and got in the pool. Jim was wearing a pair of baggy shorts, Lucy had a small bikini which was leaving very little to the imagination.

We started off by just swimming past each other but it was not long before we had struck up a conversation and were just bobbing around. Jim left the pool and said he was going to get the sauna ready and we were welcome to join them.

20 minutes later myself, Jim and Lucy were in the sauna. Gayle had decided to go back to the cottage and have a sleep as she was still tired from the long journey. The three of us were sitting there sweating gently when I noticed Lucy had her hand on Jim’s crutch and was gently stroking her fingers over his cock area. I watched intently as both of them had their eyes closed, carrying on almost as if I wasn’t in the room.

Jim soon had the obvious bulge in his shorts of an erection, Lucy’s legs were uncrossed and her free hand on her right breast, playing with the stiffening nipple. My cock was starting to stir, I hardly dare breathe in case I disturbed them and they stopped. I nearly jumped out of my skin when Lucy spoke and said I could join in. I hadn’t realised she had opened her eyes and was watching me watching her playing with Jim and her tit.

Gobsmacked, I moved next to Lucy. She put her hand down and started stroking my cock. Her own legs opening further. By now, both Jim and I were sporting fairly decent erections. I took the first step and put my hand behind Lucy and untied her bikini both from her back and neck. Jim realised I had done this and he looked over in my direction, he spoke and said if Lucy was happy, I could do whatever I wanted with her. Not wanting to waste an opportunity, I reached up and pulled the bikini top away from Lucy’s tits. They were magnificent. Still pert, large areola and a hard nipple. I cupped her boob and pinched the nipple, gently pulling on it and releasing it so it snapped back. Jim was sucking and biting on the other breast. Lucy was making gentle moaning noises, her hands were trying to get into our shorts. She soon had her fingers around my shaft, teasing me by squeezing and sliding up and down as much as the tight shorts would allow.

Jim was untying the cords on Lucy’s bikini bottoms so I reached down and did the same. She lifted her butt and Jim pulled the material away, exposing a very smooth and shaven pussy. Lucy said if she was naked then we should be as well. I stood up and pulled my shorts off, revealing my cock for the first time. I had a bead of precum which Lucy wiped of me and licked. My cock was bigger than Jim’s, and I’m no stallion!

Lucy asked me to sit dow. She put her legs either side of me and facing away. I reached down under her and stroked her fanny. She was so wet, I parted her lips which were big and hanging down and slipped a finger in her hot hole. She had Jim in front of her with his cock in her mouth. Lucy lowered her hips on me and was almost sitting on me. Reluctantly I pulled my finger out of her and she sat down fully. Sliding back and forth she was rubbing her sex over my rock hard cock. He lips either side of my cock. She had me where she wanted me and raised up a little. My knob was now nestling between her lips, poised to spear her cunt.

With a slow and steady rhythm, Lucy lowered herself onto my cock. Slipping down my shaft, her pussy pulling my foreskin back with each downward motion. Her cunt was so hot and tight. She started bouncing on me, squeezing her pussy around my cock. I could see Lucy was sucking and licking Jim’s cock whilst feeling his nuts with one hand, her other was between her legs, fingering her own clit and teasing my cock and balls. Her tits were hanging down, swaying on every stroke. Her arse looked so inviting, I could not resist fingering her puckered bum hole with a finger. Seeing my cock disappearing in her hot cunt and my finger in her bum was so horny, I knew I wouldn’t last for long.

It was not long before I could feel the tell tale signs starting to build in my balls. Lucy could sense this and she started to bounce up and down a little faster. I couldn’t hold on any longer, with a gasp I started to cum up her hole, just after I shot the first stream in her pussy, Lucy ground down on me, burying my dick in her. This all got a bit much for Jim, he started to cum in Lucy’s mouth. She was loving it, bashing her clitty for all its worth. She came in a screaming frenzy, several waves of her orgasm hitting her one by one.

Lucy climbed off me and sat between Jim and myself again. Some if Jim’s spunk was on Lucy’s face around her lips. You could see my cum was soaking her cunt and had started to dribble from her. When I got back to the cottage, I told Gayle all about my experience and I ended up licking her out until she came.

The holiday lasted a few more days and I took every opportunity to go in the sauna. We decided to get all four of us involved as Gayle was bi-curious and wanted to find out just how nice Gayle was naked.

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