Written by holsex

28 Dec 2010

To catch some pre xmas sun, my gf(A),her uni friend (B) and B's bf took a short break in Tenerife. Hired a private, the idea been relax and sunbathe.This turned into a hot sex orgy break. Will keep it brief..

On the 1st day we just lazed around the pool with a few drinks and chit chatting. The girls wore nice revealing sleep suits. They were ex uni friends and some time ago a confession from my gf, they had a few lesbian experiences including each other. It was about 5 years since we met and B was tall, brunette, busty boobs and v good looking. We are Asians, my gf a Hindu and me a Muslim. Very open minded sexually.

That evening before heading into town, we sat in the jacuzzi, drinking and to get things going we played a few drinks games and then 'truth and dare'...

Our sexual encounters, fantasies and experiences were disclosed. My gf lost and I suggested her snogging her friend. They didn't waste any chances and caught each other tonques deep and passionally. Her BF and I looked at each other with a massive smile. They must have snogged for ages. I was extremely turned on.

The next dare was for me and the girls asked me to wank C's cock. He had a semi and after a few strokes it rose to 7inches. The feeling of another cock was awesome. I stopped before he came. He did the same to me. He then dared my GF to suck me off, her GF sucked his. We moved closer and somehow we swapped the girls, and my GF was swallowing C's cock and B mine. We were in heaven. The girls moved to each other and started to snog again, this time there bras were off and they were stroking each other nipples. They became more passionate. I moved towards my GF and started to finger her and C did the same. We then shagged our GF's at the same time. Afterwards we hit the towm really pissed and horny.

After coming back at 4am, we ended up in the same room and encouraged the girls to sleep together. They kissed, stroked and licked each other till they came. We fucked them again and collapsed .

The next two days continued alike but this time we shagged each other GF's and I fucked C. (Let me know if you want details)