Written by brian

23 Sep 2011

whilst on holiday in the canaries,with a couple of friends,last year,my wife and i ,were sat outside having a beer or two,on the balcony,with our two friends ,john and jane names changed,.At around 11.30 jane said she was tied and went to bed .the 3 of us sat outside and chatted,then my wife sue,said she was going for a shower,john and myself carried on chatting,when sue appeared with a large glass of bacardi/coke and 2 cans she sat down and made small chit chat,after sometime i noticed john kept clancing across at sue and realised her dressing gown had come open slightly ,you could just make out her hairs on her pussy and the shape of her crack.

i mentioned this to sue and she just laughed and closed her legs.i looked at john and said it was giving me a semi,he said your not the only one.He then stood up and showed the buldge in his shorts.i said thats a hard on not a semi.he pulled his shorts down slightly to show sue ,fucking hell she said if thats a semi i,d like to see it when it,s hard,i felt a bit jealous,as sue couldn,t take her eyes of it .john said if you want to see it hard i,ll show you,and with that i said enoughs enough sue then said dont be a spoil sport and got up to get a drink john said he needed the loo,so we got up and went inside. sue sat down on the sofa with me and when john came back ,she asked him our jane took all of that,she looked at me and said lets see how big it is john looked at me and i said let her see it,he dropped his shorts down and just let it hang .It must have been about 6" semi hard.sue then opened up her dressing gown exposing her skimpy nighty underneath, her 40"tits half hanging out she then opened her legs showing john her soaking wet hairy bush his cock suddenly rose up ,christ it must have been 9".

my cock started to rise,so i pulled sues nightie down and started to suck her tits,john just stood there ,so i told sue to stroke his cock before i changed my mind. she reached out for his cock ,then quickly licked it ,and put it in her mouth,christ thats hard she said,i want to feel that we lay sue on the floor and started sucking and licking her fanny in turn,john then entered her fanny the juices were running out of her he started banging her slowly ,then after about 10 mins ,i said for christ sake bang her and come

he turned her on her knees and entered her doggie style he then rammed the lot in and fucked her like crazy,he was sucking her neck and pulling her tits ,all of a sudden sue screamed ,im coming with that john spunked his load straight into her.i stood over sues face and let my load go straight over her face,we went for a shower and john went back to his room,she said she couldnt beleive his stamina,and the size of his cock,i got tell she was still horny,we got into bed and my hand went straight to her pussy,it was soaking my cock was stiff as hell so rammed it straight up her ,we screwed for 20 mins,of more.then both collapsed and went to bed what happened after that well ,thats another story