Written by Marcus

12 Mar 2008

My wife is 5.1, petite, great legs with amazing 34D pert breasts. She is quite shy when it comes to sex but when on holiday she always dresses in short skirts or shorts, high heels and tight low cut tops. She get loads of glances when we are out and always on the beach as she always goes topless.

We both seem to get really care free and more daring on holidays in the sun, which ended us up on this nudist beach last year.

Either of us had been to a nudist beach before and were both a bit nervous when we arrived, there were many couples but majority men.

I stripped off totally and the wife all but her small bottoms.

I tired to encourage her to lose the bottoms but to no avail.

As we laid on this beach, which was a clove shape with high rocks around, we keep on noticing couple (mainly men) swimming around one side and reappearing 30 mins later.

So we took a swim to see what was around the rocks to find a small(50m) strip of sand which had secluded areas where the rock face had been broken down over time.

We got out the water to see a couple at the end of beach re enter the water to swim back to the beach.

So we walked to the far end where there was the best open but secluded area, recessed back into the rock face and could only be entered by the edge of the water.

Both feeling horny and no one around I convince the wife to lose the bottoms.

With my back to the rock and her standing in front of me I started playing with her clit and massaging her tit with the other hand. Her was gently rubbing my cock which was now rock hard.

I had never seen her respond so deeply, or so wet. So I laid her down on the sand and entered her like a raging bull. I came very quickly and deep inside her, but she wanted more.

She stood me up back where we were and knelt in front on me sucking my cock to get it hard again.

I was getting hard again and enjoying this open daring situation, when I noticed a man peering his head around the rock.

I guess like all men I have had fantasies of seeing my wife with other men, but knowing her I would never approach the subject.

I told her that we had company as her back was to the water and surprising enough she didn\'t react in panic which I thought she would.

She looked around to see that the guy, in his 50\'s, had moved around a little further and was stroking his cock.

She looked at me and seeing that I was now throbbing and not shouting at him, waved him over.

She grabbed his cock in her right hand and mine in her left and started wanking us off inches away from her face.

For those of you who have been in this situation seeing your wife with another man cock, is truely mind blowing.

He then started to fondle with her breasts and I put my hand on the back of her head and forced her mouth onto his cock.

With in seconds he pulled out and came over her shoulder and tits and promptly left.

I then put her on all fours and entered her from behind and very soon exploded inside her.

We both looked at each other in amazement and jumped into the sea to wash off. That evening back at the hotel we had great sex of a different kind and had a very interesting dinner chat.