Written by Sian

1 Feb 2011

Last September me and husband Mark booked to go on holiday to Majorca, only for a week but I'd been really looking forward to it. What is it with blokes that they have to start drinking even before you reach the airport, sort of I'm going on holiday must get pissed. He started drinking on the train, half cut by the time we reached the airport at 3pm, argued and was rude to the check in staff which probably marked his card. In to the bar more drink, ignoring several calls for passengers to go through security. Finally at security he was selected for search, belt and shoes off, getting his shoe off he fell over. He got to his feet, swearing, abusive to the poor security man and woman. I tried to calm him down but he kicked off again, the police came over and took him to one side, even then he wouldn't shut up. The end result was, though he wasn't arrested, the aircraft captain was informed and he denied him boarding. Our bag was already in the plane and would have to be unloaded. I was so furious with him I told them to leave the bag on the plane and I would travel without him, to teach him a lesson. That sobered him up a bit, though I don't think he really took it in. To late, as I headed for the plane he was being escorted from the terminal.

A bit about me before I go on. My name is Sian, I'm 36 years old, have short fair hair, 5' 5” tall, size 10, quite a good figure from keep fit and my boobs are 32dd and firm enough to go without a bra, though I usually wear one for comfort. I normally just keep my pubes trimmed but on holiday shave my pussy. Usually I'm very well behaved, don't drink much, do anything outrageous and probably the most daring thing I’d done was having sex outdoors and going topless on the beach - At least until this holiday. What I did was totally out of character. By the time I boarded the plane I was having second thoughts, it felt like everyone was looking at me, but it was to late by then. My phone went, an incomprehensible text from Mark which I ignored. I took my seat by the window, Marks empty one next to me a young lad of 20 or 21 sat in the aisle seat. Doors closed, the aircraft moved out and I started to cry, anger, embarrassment and worried about the next week. My bag was in the locker, no tissues, then a tap on my arm, the lad offering me his hanky, which I gratefully took. Amazing where the loan of a clean white hanky lead. I stopped crying and he moved to the seat next to me, the tale flowed from me, about my idiot husband, how I was worried being in Majorca by myself, I’d only decided to go in the heat of the moment, wondering if I could stay in the plane and go straight home. He was so nice and calmed me down, told me his name was Liam. We found we were staying at the same hotel and I suggested meeting him in the bar to buy him a drink for the use of his hanky and being so kind to me.

On the bus he sat with a group of his friends and we got to the hotel about 8.30pm. We booked in and he came over and asked if the offer of a drink was still open and we agreed to meet in the bar about an hour later. In my room I showered and unpacked my things deciding what to wear. I'd brought some nice dresses to wear out to dinner with my husband, I put them in the wardrobe. I was naked, I looked in the mirror, my boobs looked good for thirty six, no bra I decided, putting on a little pair of white lacy panties. I think my legs are my best bit, a pair of heels, to show my legs off. I looked at the clothes on the bed, picking up a very short wrap skirt I’d bought to wear on the beach and put it on. A T shirt, not to tight, a check in the mirror, I could see my nipples poking out and a lot of leg. I hadn't consciously dressed with the intention of getting laid. It was partly knowing that Mark would have disapproved had he seen me going out like that, but there's no doubt I looked pretty tarty. A bit of make up lipstick and spray of perfume and I was ready. I'd just reached the door when my mobile rang. Mark, I answered it, still angry with him. He'd sobered up, knew he'd been a fool, he was sorry, full of apologies, though he wasn't very happy I’d gone without him. I told him it was to teach him a lesson. He asked what I was doing, “Just off to bed” I lied. He promised to make up for it he was going to redecorate the house which I'd been trying to get him to do for ages.

It was close to ten when I entered the bar, I couldn't see Liam at first then saw him getting up from a table and waving me over. I got a drink and joined them, six lads and a couple of girls. I could see him looking at my legs, realising that sitting the skirt barely covered my panties. We had more drinks, we got up and danced several times, his hands on my waist then slipping down to my bum. I moved his hands the first time, but the next I left them, he pulled me closer and I rested my head on his shoulder. My boobs were squashed against his chest, I could feel his semi hard cock pressing between us, realising my pussy was beginning to feel wet inside my panties. The others decided they wanted to go to another bar, I didn't fancy it and Liam said he'd walk me back to my room.

In the lift we started to kiss, I pressed myself against him, he lifted the back of my skirt, fondling my bum, pulling my panties down. I briefly thought of my husband, feeling guilty that I wanted this young lad in my bed. I thought of stopping Liam, but didn't want him to stop, my pussy was now soaking and I wanted to have sex with him. By the time we reached the floor my panties were round my thighs and he was fingering my pussy. A couple had a fine view of my naked bum when the lift doors opened. His room was closer and he led me there, inside the door I started kissing him again, undoing the button holding my skirt, dropping it to the floor, pushing my panties down, kicking them off. I fumbled with the button on his jeans, got it undone, then his zip. He stepped away getting his jeans off, I pulled my top off, then lay naked on his bed. I opened my legs and reached down, feeling how wet I was. Normally Mark has to spend some time getting me ready, this time my pussy was dripping with juices, I hadn't felt this sexed up for years. I started to masturbate, I never do that for Mark, rubbing my clitoris with my fingertips slipping them in to my open sex. Liam removed his boxers and I saw his cock. Not huge, six or so inches but rock hard, quite thick with a dark bulbous head, I wanted to feel it inside me. Still fingering my pussy I sat up and reached for his prick and pulled him on top of me. Taking my fingers from my pussy I guided his cock in, feeling his girth stretching my hole as he slid inside me. My fingering had brought me close to climax, he fully penetrated me then began to fuck me. He slid his pole in and out smoothly, I could fell his heavy balls slapping against my bum. Supporting himself on his arms, I reached down between us, frigging my clitty as he slammed his cock in to me, grunting with each thrust. It didn't last long two or three minutes. But long enough for me to orgasm before I felt him tense as he spurted his seed in my sex box. He lay on top of me, his cock still inside my pussy, kissing my neck, my mouth, down my neck to my tits, sucking my sensitive nipples,taking them between his teeth gently tugging on them, licking them making them achingly hard. I could feel his spunk running out, his cock still inside me, not soft, not fully erect. Then, after about 15 minutes I felt him stiffen, getting hard again, moving his hips, slowly at first, until he had a full erection and started to fuck me again. It felt awesome, a rare treat being shagged again so soon. He set up a nice steady rhythm, taking his time to make be cum again. As I climaxed he withdrew turned me over then gripping my hips pulled me onto his cock and continued fucking me from behind, giving it to me nice and deep. I came again before he eventually gave me another load of his young seed. Laid next to him on his narrow bed after I fell asleep only waking when it was light.

It was the sound of voices coming from the balcony that woke me, I recognised Jon from the previous evening, remembered they were sharing the room. I hadn't heard anyone come in but he must have seen me lying uncovered, naked on top of the bed. Liam was telling him he'd fucked me twice. Jon said “Lucky fucker. She's tasty, nice tits and cunt, I wouldn't mind giving her one” I heard Liam reply “She'd probably let you. I don't think her old mans giving her enough. I bet she'd be up for a threesome” Listening to them talk about me like that got me wet, I reached between my legs and began to play with myself. I'd found it really horny being watched by Liam, I shut my eyes, so I could just see them through my eyelids, pretending to me asleep. I was on my back and spread my legs, if they looked, they would see my fingers stroking my slit. I gave a loud sigh, they both turned to look, then moved to the door, Liam putting a finger to his lips for his friend to keep quiet. I felt so turned on lying, masturbating in front of them, behaving like a slut, my fingers in my pussy slowly wanking, using my other hand to tease my clitoris then my nipples. I wondered if their cocks were stiff, wanking faster, imagining they were both fucking me, until I brought myself off. I lay there for a few minutes savouring what I'd done before making a show of waking up. Liam and Jon were still out on the balcony, watching as I found my panties, skirt and top, walking outside carrying them to tell him I was off. I sat on a chair, with my legs open so they could see my wet gaping hole, I might as well live up to my new status of slut. We arranged to meet by the pool bar later as I finished dressing and he came with me to the door. It was only as he opened the door that I came to a decision. I could feel my heart hammering in my chest as I spoke “By the way Liam you win your bet” He looked puzzled “What bet?” “Yes, I am up for a threesome. Or more! See you by the pool” I told them, enjoying the looks on their faces as I turned and headed for my room, my head full of the thoughts of the shafting I expected to be getting that night.