Written by dave

24 Jul 2015

Thanks for your comment s on our cinema experience s, we left this scene for a while and went to Spain for two weeks, a different atmosphere completely, days doing nothing, laying in the sun, evenings warm sitting outside till midnight great, she was able to wear short dresses, no stockings or suspenders, women did in this heat, views up skirts were common place. , which made every evening a delight for me,, she could sit showing her knickers without feeling uncomfortable as a couple of days passed we were looking for something exciting, we had a great meal in a beach bar overlooking the sea, we had a corner table and was able to get my fingers into her knickers, she told me there was a couple behind us watching so I pushed her dress up further, wearing shorts made my erection very hard to hide, but who cares on holiday. Are they still watching, yes she said his hands are on her thighs, I moved my chair next to hers, I could see them but I don't think they realized why I had moved, we sat talking and order a n other drink, the couple are kissing his hand was now up her dress, are you excited she asked of course, I could see they kept looking over probably thinking we haven't noticed, my hand went down the top of her Knickers and played with her clit till she was very wet, this was the first time we had done this in the open together, unlike the dark of the cinema, I suggested we had walk along the beach paid the bill and left. Although it was dark the moon was strong and you could see most things in a beautiful light,we sat for a while on. One of the sun beds just chatting about the restaurant and how exciting it was to be in the open air, their. We're a few couple s about kissing and cuddling, I pulled her top down and kiss ed her nipples this went on for a long time people walked By but we didn't care I was rock hard by now, it was different in a dark cinema, we sat and talked for a while then could see the couple from the restaurant walking along, pull your dress up over your knickers and open your legs I put two fingers inside her and she groaned, she opened my shorts and started wankiing me , they seemed quite drunk and slowed as they got close, we were very excited and carried on, they sat near us on another sun bed, he started kissing her and soon her dress was up past her pale blue knickers, I looked over and he looked back, we were all drunk nobody cared. I put my thumbs up and he replied all ok, I knelt down moved her knickers over and licked her, while keeping an eye on them, fuck me while someone is watching, take your dress off, she did and I started to fuck her through her wet knickers, I looked over and they were doing the same, he had taken off her pale blue knickers, I looked over and picked them up, sank me in her knickers, she put them around me and slowly rubbed me up and down. The other couple had finished and walked by us, she looked down and could see me being wanked into her knickers, she never said anything but as she was looking I came so much. Enjoy that she said this is only the beginning.