Written by Fender

26 Mar 2018

We lay onthe bed and snogged for a while i still couldnt leave his cock alone dave told me i was only the 3rd woman who had ever taken the full length of his cock i couldnt believe it my hubby was only the 2nd cock i had ever had and the other guy was only about the same size dave turned me over and lifted me up so my arse was in the air and told me to stop him if it hurt he then licked me from the back for a while until i came he then put it in me again ... god ! I was in heaven as it slid in i could feel it stretching me wide open after a few thrusts his balls were banging on my clit and i was crying out again he fucked me frantically until he shot inside me we both collapsed on the bed and fell asleep .i woke up the next morning alone with the sun shaing on me i couldnt find my clothes so i wrapped a towel around me and went downstairs dave was sitting in the kitchen which had french doors looking out on a lovely pool i asked where my clothes were dave was sitting at a breakfast bar and when he stood up he was bollock naked with that lovely cock hanging down he pointed to my thong drying on a line outside and said ive washed your thong if you want to stay here the rest of the week we will have to go and fetch your stuff from the hotel but we will be naked here all week unless we go out the villa is detached with security gates so no one can see in he then took the tiowel off me and fingered me to a cum after breakfast we went to benidorm for my clothes and he fucked me doggy in the room i finished him off in my miuth again i then rang my sister and told her i was staying at the vila and she said she had seen a film with dave and 2 girls in so she knew i would enjoy myself and we went back to the villa ... more