Written by Fender

27 Mar 2018

We srrived back at the villa where i unpacked my case dave said he would be by the pool so i put on a bikini and wend down he was bollock nakedso i was damp straight away lol he told me to take off my bikini that we would be naked unless we went out i took it off and he covered me in suncream which ende in me sitting on his cock and being fucked to another screAming cum and thats how the rest of the week was .i was talking to hubby on the phone one day when dave laid me on a table with my legs hanging off the end and he fucked me real slowly giving me his length all the way in and all the way out i had to tell hubby i was sunburnt and was gasping as i moved around because of the pain i told him i had switched off the phone by accident when i came the day after i got my own back when he phoned his mum in the uk by bringing him off in my mouth .he switched the phone off by accident

One day he tied me to a table on my back with my legs ( frog tied ) as he called it and tied wide god ! My arse and pussy have never been as exposed he then put a vibrating butplug up my bum and started to torment my clit with what i later found out was a fearher everytime i was about to cum he stopped i kept calling him a bastard and other things then he said iff you want to cum you will have to beg me to let you and say please i wouldnt so eventually i said please will you let me cum and fuck me with that big thick lovely cock which he did and im sure i actually feinted for a few seconds when he did he came all over my stomach it was the best orgasm i ever had .we fucked like rabbits for the rezt of the week on the last day he took my sister and myself back to alicante airport and when i got home i had to tell hubby we sunbathed on a nudist beach cos of my all over tan we went back 4 months later flight only thats another story xx i still have never seen a cock as big or thick as daves