19 Sep 2016

Back at the bar with a couple we met at the hotel pool, we had a great day with them but unfortunately they were leaving that night,the girls went to the loo and he asked me what we were up to that night. A few more drinks and a walk along the beach, have you been to the end where couples go for a bit of fun, no we just stopped half what along, the girls returned and we said our goodbyes, what a shame we both agreed, I noticed my wife's skirt had ridden up and a man was looking at her legs, like another yes I told her about the man let him see your knickers, when I returned I walked behind him and could see the white triangle of her knickers, lovely site I told her, I think he's enjoying it, I told her about the end of the beach and she said we should finish our drinks and set off.

We said in earshot we were going to the beach, we arrived at the end and a few couples were snogging on the sundeds,we f one at the rear and got down to some kissing and touching, I could see up the beach who was around I noticed a man on his own strolling along glancing at the couples, I told her and she seemed excited, she pulled her legs up to her chest so her knickers were on show, he found a bed and watched us I put my fingers in her knickers and she rubbed me through my shorts I undid her blouse and took it off and she undid her white lacy bra, he could see her topless and being wanked, she took my shorts off and wanked me.

Call him over I waved him and he came and sat on the bed below us, we don't mind you watching, I put my mouth on her nipples and sucked them, I could hear her wetness as my fingers went back and forward, she said give him my knickers I pulled them down and passed them to him he immediately wrapped them around his prick with the end sticking out.

She pushed against my hand and came, he was wiping his come on her knickers, and mine was on her leg,

We got dressed and he said it was incredible, we go home on Friday but if you want to meet us at the bar Thursday we could have a good night out. He nodded we explained where the bar was and we would meet at nine.

We went shopping in the day and she brought a new dress it was a wrap over She said it was ideal for tonight, I couldn't believe I was agreeing to all this knowing somebody was going to fuck my we tonight.

All day I had a semi hard on thinking about this evening. Eventually the time came and we met him at the bar he had a bottle of wine and we sat talking he sat opposite my wife , she asked him about his times watching people having sex he didn't seem embarrassed and told us of his times, my wife let her dress slide open so he could see her knickers, we got another bottle of wine and we carried on taking and she sat with her knickers on show to him, we decided to go and what to the end of the beach.

He thought he was there to watch, we said get on the sun bed , he sat and my wife sat next to him,she kissed him and I sat at the bottom of the bed watching them, she felt him through his shorts and his hand went to her breasts soon he was feeling her realising she had no bra on, I had pulled my shorts down and was wanking slowly, she opened her dress and sat with just her knickers on show put his fingers in her and she pushed against his hand, she said something to him and he took his shorts off, his prick was solid, she knew she had to keep her knickers on as it was a big turn on for me he moved over as he slipped her knickers over and entered her , he was pumping her and she was loving it I could hear her and how wet she was and I ad I was wanking quickly , I looked over and another man was standing watching, by then I couldn't care less our new friend pulled out and came over her knickers, I got up and went inside her the man was still there, it didn't take me long to come and we all got up and left, we l the stranger .

We went back to the bar and spoke about our night he said he didn't expect to fuck you r wife, we all agreed it was a great time we had together, we left and she said I never did get my knickers back.