Written by Fender

3 Apr 2018

It then struck me with a bang . If he was the cameraman how is it the film was still going i looked at dave and he smiled knowing what was going through my head there are 4 cameras in every room this is where most of the filming is done .the ones you watched last night were done elsewhere .i asked if i had been photographed .he took the film out and replaced it with another .god ! I was even more gobsmacked i was tied to the kitchen table legs spread wide . Everything on view whilst dave was sending me crazy with a feather i didnt realise how noisy i was and the thing thst surprised me was that it was turning me on watching myself .the leather sofa i was sitting on was soaking ( although dave was fingering me as well on the film i was begging dave to make me cum and fuck me .which he did by the time the film had ended i was more than ready dave slid his cock in me and fucked me on my back on the sofa i was moaning screaming and cumming like a train and i knew i was on camera again ...more