Written by Fender

22 Apr 2018

Chris gathered speed his thrusts became faster rose was moaning " dont stop .dont stop im cumming " and then she came again just as chris ' s arse cheeks clenched and he pumped into her she went rigid her wrists and ankles were jerking on the ropes as she spasmed on his cock chris pulled out of her and mark went straight in all the way again rose was saying " please .please let me come down but mark started pumplng straight away fucking her with fast deep strokes her body convulsed a bit and then her arse started to meet marks thrusts paul said to me ' i have never seen her as far gone as this she is out of it ' and she was she was meeting mark thrust for thrust ,this went on for ages until she came again with a loud scream begging him not to stop mark went faster and shot inside her he pulled out fast again and before she could come down again dave was in her she shouted as he entered he " fuck thats big dont hurt me " dave told me after she didnt take it all but god did she explode when he shagged her . I saw dave clench when he came and rose convulsed again as she came ,dave pulled out and the guys stood back and watched her breathing become normal then they untied her and removed the mask it all went quiet for a while as rose came down then she called paul an arsehole because he knew about it and got up and took her clothes to the bathroom ,the guys got dressed ans when she came out of the bathroom she wasnt to happy about being naked in front of everyone but she said she had never cum as much in her life ,she also said she didnt know how i took that thing of daves but she now realised why i liked it paul then said he wanted to get her home it was his turn and she jokingly said she probably wouldnt even feel him then off they went we sat around for a while talking dave said the guys were staying the night so i said i was going for a shower and i would see then in the morning .i had a shower and walked into the bedroom naked and got a shock all 3 of them were naked sitting on the bed more