Written by loverman

25 Jan 2009

recently my mother moved in with me, i have house in london, im divorced with no children, it was nice to give something back to her after all the sacrifices she made for me. and as she is gettting older now we both agreed she should move in, instead of the flat she used to live in, and all those stairs, as i have a well paid job with long hours we decided to get some home help, to help my mum around the house and some company as well.

after several ladies replied to my advertisment we settled on Asuka, a japanese girl of 20 years old, she fitted in perfectly, my mother was happy with her and she proved to be fantastic at her job, respectful and hard working, and after a few months i wondered how i survived with out her, and it took even less time to notice she was gorgeous, with a sexy body and the tightest, sexy little ass, which i often enjoyed seeing moving about the house doing her duties.

the story i have to tell happened when my mum went to visit some friends for two weeks up north, i took her to the train station and waved her off, i was also look ing forward to a week off work, when i got back to the house asuka, as usual, was looking worried about me, over the months id got used to her giving me worried looks when i got home from work tired, she said i worked too hard and i need to take some rest, it was almost like nagging, but i did not mind, in fact i used to joke that she was now my mum, which always made asuka laugh.

as i said i was looking forward to my week off, as i did indeed look tired most of the time, i was sat at the kitchen table rubbing my neck and shoulders, looking forward to a bath and an early night. this wasnt missed by asuka who asked if i was ok, i smiled as usual and said i was fine, and jokingly added that i could do with a massage, to my surprise she said yes and without further ado set to work on my shoulders, it was bliss, her hands worked out all the tension, after she had finished i pushed it a litttle more and asked for a back massage too, she agreed again and i found myself in the strange situaton of lying face down on the kitchen table as asuka hands worked even more magic on my back and shoulders, after 10 minutes of heaven, i turned onto my side and undid my trousers, asuka looked a little shocked, but i assured her it was because my trousers were too tight, wihich was sort of true.

asuka told me not too move and left the kitchen for a minute or two, when she returned she told me to lie face down again, and once again her hands set to work, but this time they had baby oil on them, the lovely massage continued, but when she reached the top of my ass her hands carried on a little way under my boxers, my cock started to harden, again her hands returned form my shoulders and went a little bit further under my boxers, and this carried on til her hands were all the way to on to my ass, and when her fingers returned they moved up my bum crack and stroked my asshole, i bucked and gasped in response, asuka giggled but without a word pulled my trousers and boxers down my legs, took of my shoes, socks and then pulled my trousers and boxers all the way off, next thing i knew my ass, balls and cock were covered with baby oil, she threw the bottle way and started work on my cock first, then my balls and my asshole in turn, the next few minutes were sheer bliss as asuka pinched, wanked, tickled, stroked and squeezed my cock and balls, then stroked and fingered my asshole.

my cum was near, i was gasping and writhing with pleasure, i shouted i was gonna cum, asuka moved round behind me, and with final bliss pulled my cock up so the foreskin was tight, then preceded to suck and lick my cock head, i gripped on to the table, my whole boday shaking as my cum started to rise, her lips milking my cock and i exploded in her mouth, roaring with pleasure as asuka swallowed as best she could, i was utterly spent, but laughing with joy, i couldnt help it, the cum was that good ,

asuka carried on rubbing and kissing my cock rtil i calmed down, i climbed off the table, and with a cheeky smile she asked if i felt better, while both her hands stroked between my legs, light strokes, i couldnt say anything, i just leaned back onto the table and opened my legs, no shame whatsoever, as she moved between my legs, stroking, tickling me, lightly wanking, her finger once agian slid into my asshole, all of it so tender, so sexy, then down on her knee's as i felt her fingers pull out to be replaced by her tongue, asuka cleaned and rimmed , as her hands wanked my cock back to life, i hurt like hell but i got another hard on, asuka pulled up a chair and sucked my cock and finger fucked me til i came again, the thickest spunk id ever shed. i just made it to the sofa, and fell fast asleep, the best sleep i can remember, i woke up in the early hours, asuka was obviously in bed . i made myself a coffee and reflected on what a good job i made of employing this wonderful girl.

at about seven oclock asuka came down to get the house ready for the day, but there was no time for that, i got her on the kitchen table and eat her pussy til she came, then carried her into the living room and fucked the living daylights out of her over the sofa, by dinner time i was spunking her asshole in her bedroom, i was really looking forward to my week off xxx