Written by AlKaz

15 Jan 2018

About two weeks went by and Wendy and myself continued to work as though nothing had happened. In fact I was beginning to think it had been a pure one off then as we were finishing for the weekend she approached. “Any chance for seconds” “My place this time” I said “Ok. Are you sure about Kaz ?” “ She cleaned me when I got home after last time “ I volunteered. It took a second before she realised what that meant “Oooh I see. I’ll get changed and be over probably a couple of hours”

I got home Kaz had the evening meal on and I explained the situation. As we ate Kaz stood and cleared up coming back she closed in and kissed me deeply my left hand straying into leggings then her knickers she was soaking she stroked my cock through my jeans. “ No more from me if you want to give her a proper load this time” she groaned as I thumbed her clit two fingers deep in her pussy “ But it doesn’t mean I can’t cum” she gasped as she began to grind her hips against my l hand her breathing quickening as her orgasm built a small squirt soaking my hand and her knicks. I continued to finger her as she subsided but keeping her up there lifting her tee shirt she unclasped her bra my mouth seeking her rock hard nipples gently suckling them. We stayed in this position until the doorbell rang. I went to answer Kaz made herself decent.

Wendy immaculate as ever was wearing a light summer dress that finished below the knee and buttoned down the front her cleavage showing she was wearing a bra I closed the door. “You sure about Kaz ?” “ask her” as we walked through into our living room Kaz greeting her “drink” “please” we sat me and Wendy on the couch Kaz on an armchair “ I nearly didn’t come. I thought Al was having me on. What on earth do you think of me “ “Your babbling again” I laughed closing in for a kiss my right hand travelling up her skirt stroking her thighs as she parted her legs for me reaching her pussy this time I found it neatly trimmed two thirds of the hair I’d encountered on my previous visit now gone Our kissing increasing in passion as our tongues intertwined my arousal even more with the knowledge my wife was sitting opposite watching. Wendy’s hand now unzipped my jeans releasing my cock hand straight away wrapping around it her thumb teasing the head and tip soaking itself in my precum.

I now had two fingers into a well lubricated pussy and thumb on her clit as Kaz had half an hour ago her involuntary hip movements as her arousal increased I had determined to match my previous performance and she soon growled her climax I slowed my pace as she subsided keeping my fingers in place. .Kaz movements opposite drew our attention she was rapidly fingering herself leggings and knickers discarded legs splayed giving us a view of her smooth pussy as she frantically rubbed her clit to her climax.

I began unbuttoning Wendy’s dress and soon her now neatly trimmed pussy was on view she removing my tee shirt and I raised myself allowing her to push my jeans down her mouth then joining her hand on my cock. Kaz moved over and gently pulled Wendy’s dress so she could move her free hand out of the sleeve swapping hands so Wendy was now naked except for her bra. I studied her back Wendy is clearly a natural redhead and her shoulders freckled otherwise her skin a clear white. Kaz moved and unclasped the bra I was beginning to struggle a naked lady sucking my cock the other naked waist down .stood nearby “Careful you’ll be getting a mouthful” said Kaz as I ran my hand through Wendy’s hair.

Wendy took the hint and came up for air my hands and mouth paying attention to those large erect red nipples she softly moaning as the sensations of my sucking took hold my hands stroking the underside of her tits both her hands holding me against her. Kaz now naked herself planting kisses down my back. Wendy laid back legs spreading I took her right leg putting it over my shoulder she guiding the tip of my cock to the entrance parting her now glistening lips with her other hand not much pushing this time and she was fully impaled I held the position for some seconds enjoying the sensation of her pussy. The to the command of “please” I began slowly moving pulling virtually out before easing slowly back Wendy just groaning at the feelings we were generating.

Kaz had moved to behind the couch and began kissing me Wendy now placing her hand on my hip pulling me into her with every thrust her nails again digging in to the soft flesh on my buttock really beginning to go for it as her orgasm overtook her but I didn’t let up and my actions getting my desired effect of a prolonged multiple cum for her.

Somehow I was still hard and hadn’t cum myself I pulled out releasing her leg rubbing my cock through those ginger pubes as she lay back her thighs trembling from the intensity of her cum. “Give me a minute” she gasped “that was amazing. I haven’t cum that hard in twenty years” Kaz hand snuck in wanking me “ don’t worry take five I’m only going to keep him up for you. This load is for you “ she said lightly squeezing my balls. True to her word and within a few minutes a recovered Wendy took over. “Will you lay on the rug please” I complied Kaz placing a cushion under my head I expected Wendy to lower herself onto me again but instead he went for my face facing forward so I could reach those nipples as she worked her pussy on my mouth until she had treated herself to another cum. Kaz in the meantime lightly running her tongue over my cock keeping me hard while sampling it’s covering left from Wendy’s pussy.

Wendy began to move down my body wiggling her hips rubbing her pussy down me as if marking me with her scent before lowering onto me and then riding me like a woman possessed this time to a finish as I shot a large amount of seed into her belly and she slumped forward at the end of another cum. Kaz who had frigged herself off laying alongside us her arm around Wendy her hand tracing from her shoulder to the top of her bum. We held this position for some time before Wendy rolled to the other side my arms now around each their heads on my chest each with a hand playing with my shrunken cock.

“ Thank you so much” said Wendy addressing Kaz not myself “what a couple you are. You really don’t mind do you “ “No” The thrill of watching his cock disappearing into you knowing how much you were enjoying yourself and knowing he’s also feeling the same”

“ You are two marvellous girls “ I praised squeezing my arms on them both forcing their heads together their faces meeting a dreamy look in their eyes as their lips met for a light but still full on kiss……