Written by AlKaz

5 Apr 2018

Apologies for the gap life etc took over. For those who haven’t seen our tales search AlKaz to catch up on our journey. We continue...

After what must have been about 10 minutes Kaz was first to move heading down to suck my cock taking on the “cleaning duties”. Wendy repositioned to kiss me before moving to join her and their ministrations were slowly bringing me back to life. The girls then taking turns sucking and running their tongues over my hardening erection.

I leant back on my elbows stroking their backs and running my fingers through their hair in turn. Wendy’s typical redhead with a slightly coarser feel than that of Kaz.

Satisfied they had revived me we decided to move to the couch I sat with the girls positioning themselves either side so they could take turns for a kissing and/or nipple sucking while the other took on cock sucking duties. “Your turn” said Wendy “ Although I’d love to I can’t expect to steal your husband a second time” Kaz response was to stand and then move in to straddle my cock before lowering herself until fully impaled and then holding the position as I suckled each of her nipples in turn eliciting a soft moan with each intensified suck.

We were slightly wrapped up in each other Wendy merely a spectator when she moved planting a trail of kisses along my shoulder while her left hand stroked Kaz from neck to back running to above her bum. Kaz began to move slowly on my cock. My left hand between us tweaking Kaz nipples as my right joined Wendy’s but travelling lower squeezing Kaz left bum cheek as she thrust downward onto me. Emboldened as my hand met with Wendy’s I guided hers lower to Kaz other cheek and given no resistance we soon had hit rhythm Wendy now repositioning to kneel on the couch legs slightly parted so I could transfer my right hand from Kaz tits to Wendy’s spunk laden pussy her hand however continuing to squeeze and explore Kaz arse as her thrusting increased as her orgasm built and she hit her peak slumping forward onto my shoulder as Wendy closed for a kiss her hand still caressing Kaz rear fingers now wetted by the juice released from Kaz’s small squirt of cum that had trickled down from her pussy. Wendy’s hand now delved lower stroking my balls slick with Kaz juices and gripping the base of my penis wanking it as it was now only half in Kaz.

Recovered Kaz eased forward and up my cock slipping out Wendy wanking it but now also rubbing it along Kaz slit. Meeting no resistance from her actions Wendy repositioned and my fingers slipped from her pussy and with a movement from Kaz she was pushed her right hand between us Kaz gasp indicating Wendy had now reached her clit as with triumphant look on her face Wendy was now wanking both of us. I snogged Kaz hard both of us really going for it until Wendy’s face appeared alongside kissing and running her tongue along our cheeks and as we parted she took over from me locking lips with Kaz in an equally full on snog.

On parting Kaz stepped back Wendy’s mouth straight away enveloping my cock my left hand mauling and pinching her nipples and she knelt across the couch devouring my cock and removing any trace of “Kaz juice”. Kaz knelt on the floor her left hand reaching up joining mine on Wendy’s tits her right however tracing its way up Wendy’s inner thigh Wendy parting her legs even more as an unspoken sign of acceptance Kaz then reaching her pussy inserting two fingers and rapidly frigging her soaking slit.

Wendy stopped sucking and although wanking me furiously she began to moan as she began to cum Kaz assault on her pussy no doubt hitting her gspot. Kaz unable to resist as Wendy’s thrusts on her fingers subsided removing them and replacing them with her mouth lapping our combined mixture from her as she held position head down in my lap arse in the air each of us now playing with those engorged red nipples. Until she straightened and Kaz stood up.

“ I haven’t been fingered by another girl since I was sixteen and sharing a room on a school trip” Wendy announced “ you certainly hit the spot” we all giggled “ no pun intended “ laughed Kaz. “ I’ve never experienced that before though” Wendy added “ Nice though. I love having my pussy sucked but always thought of a man doing it” she said wistfully. “you need that pussy filling” she said to Kaz in a now almost commanding tone. I stood changing places with Kaz who bent over the onto the couch where I had been sitting Wendy joining me standing Kaz was now arse in the air I pushed my cock again into that pussy and began to really pound her Kaz twisting slightly so he left shoulder was positioned against the back maximising penetration. Wendy kneeling beside me rubbing Kaz clit as I then inserted two fingers into Kaz arse to the obvious fascination of Wendy. Getting them well in as there was plenty of lubrication from her earlier cum this treatment was driving Kaz to a frenzy and this time we came together as I emptied a second albeit smaller load into my dear wife’s pussy.

Kaz collapsed forward my rapidly shrinking cock slipping out and Wendy straight away taking on the cleaning duties although raising any more life into it an impossibility. Kaz sprawled across the couch watching the show in front of her.

Satisfied her job completed on me Wendy looked over to Kaz. “you’ve cleaned and tasted mine. Now it’s your turn” she said in an ordering tone “open those legs” Kaz responded raising her right leg over the back of the couch Wendy bending down head between Kaz thighs sucking and tonguing my deposit from Kaz gaping pussy until satisfied she could get no more she stood with a “ that was a first” she announced proudly “and I enjoyed it” “anytime” purred Kaz.

“I may take you up on that” Wendy replied................................