Written by Stimula8

13 May 2009

I am going to tell you about something that happened this morning, and is completely true.

About 8 months ago, I came home from work and said that I was going to go to a conference for work in May, it turned out to be the same two weeks that my in-laws were due to go on holiday, so my wife arranged to go with her parent.

As time got nearer she asked our neighbour to look after the house as she has a key in case of emergencies and she has looked after the house before.

Last week, I got a call saying that it had been cancelled due to problems with the venue and the organisers were unable to find a new, suitable venue.

As it was too late to arrange an extra place on the holiday, I said that I would just go to work as usual. My wife and her parents flew out on Saturday for two weeks in the sun.

I completely forgot to tell my neighbour that I would be home as she is more of a friend to my friend as she speaks regularly to her.

My neighbour, who we will call ‘P’, is 32 years, about 5ft 6 and has a very slim figure. She is Nigerian and lives with her husband and 3 kids, her husband works away a lot and is only home about 1 week in 5. There has never been anything between us – no flirting or anything, but I have occasionally fantasised about what it would be like to fuck a black woman.

Anyway, I arranged that I would work from home today and Thursday and Friday – I said that I had a lot of paperwork to do, I don’t, I have a few other things to do and also wanted a couple of days off.

Anyway, I woke up about 8 and thought I’ll have a nice long bath soak in the bath. We have a large bath – big enough for two, my wife also insisted on it being a spa type bath. I ran the bath, put the radio on and got in. I must have been in it about 20 minutes - the water was hot, I was relaxed and my cock was erect in the hot water - when the bathroom door opened and in walked P, she looked at me laying there, smilied and said ‘oh I’m sorry, I thought you were away, I came to check the house and heard the radio’. She turned and walked out and said ‘I’ll leave you, alone’. I lay there, thinking she had gone, when a minute later she popped her head around the door and said ‘I was about to make a drink indoors, do you want one?’ I replied yes and that I’ll be round in a few minutes. ‘no need, I’ll make it here’ she said and disappeared.

I was just about to get out of the bath, when in she walked holding 2 cups of tea, she looked at me and said ‘don’t get out on my account’ and handed me a tea. She then turned and sat on the toilet and started to chat to me. I was a bit shocked – here was my neighbour, who I had only ever spoken to for a maximum of about 10 minutes over the fence, and she was now sitting talking to me while I was completely naked as though we were chatting across a table. It must have been the warmth of the water, as I sat down again, but my cock decided to poke its head out of the water – and I could see her eyeing it.

All she said was ‘don’t worry, I’m not embarrassed, I’m flattered’.

We sat there drinking the tea and chatting about everything from her kids, how her husband thinks more of his work than her and how he hasn’t come near her for months and about how she likes the area.

She then turned to me out of the blue and said ‘do you think I am attractive?’ Being a bit confused and thrown off guard by the question, I said ‘yes, I do’.

She then asked ‘have you ever thought of me in a sexual way?’

Again being completely thrown by the question, all I said was ‘errmm, once or twice’

She then put her cup on the window sill, stood up and let her dress drop to the floor. Underneath she was completely naked and her body actually looked better than I imagined, not as slim as I had thought. Her tits were very small, almost flat, but the nipples were very large and now very erect. Her pussy was shaved – I actually imagined this before.

She stepped forward and straight into the bath. I was actually confused, shocked and excited all at once – but I just sat there watching and waiting for her next move.

She leant over, gave me a long full kiss on the lips and then started to rub my already erect cock. It must have been the hot water and the suddenness of the situation, but I actually put my arms around her and began to kiss her back. She responded by moving closer to me and almost laying on top of me.

I stopped kissing and rolled her to my left side, here I could use my hands better. I gently began to massage her small pert tits, rubbing the very large nipples; she groaned and began rubbing my cock even harder. I moved my hand slowly down her body and found the smooth skin at the top of her thighs, which she parted very eagerly. My fingers found her lips and gently pushed into her – her legs parted even wider, one, two, three of my fingers entered her and I slowly began to finger fuck her, with my thumb rubbing on my clit – I could feel her starting to respond and react to my attention.

She stopped kissing me and said ‘fuck me hard’. I slide around and between her legs, and my cock found my opening and entered her, I slowly pushed all the way into her and the slowly pulled all the way out, then in again. For me, it must have been the hot water, but I was close to cumin – she was close too, I suppose the fact that she said her husband had not been near her in months. After a few minutes, I felt my balls tighten and then I pumped my cum into her. She wrapped her legs around me and held me tightly inside her as I felt her orgasm hit.

She looked at me and said ‘you should not have done that, without protection, I gave pregnant very easy.’

We lay there in the hot water for a while before she said ‘lets get out’. As I grabbed a towel and turned to dry her, she walked out the bathroom and straight into the bedroom, I followed and found her laying on the bed, arms out, as she said ‘do that again to me’

We fucked again for the next couple of hours, before she said ‘I have to go and collect my children from school’. She got dressed and left. As she left she said ‘I will be back in tomorrow to check the house if you want me to’.

As I am ‘working from home’ tomorrow, I might just get another surprise!