Written by grace

27 Dec 2018

My name is Grace ( which is one of my Middle names my husband always calls me by when we are on holiday together). I have known Ross my husband since I was 5 20 years ago and we have been married for 2 years last November. I lost my virginity to him while at uni on my 20th birthday and our sex life has been brilliant for me ever since. I have always known that Ross has had sex with at least 16 other women that I know of but none since we married . He also told me that on his stag do in Leeds he went with a prostitute and ended up with an sti and I had to go through the embarrassment of examination and tests which were negative, but for three weeks Ross had to use condoms the only time he ever has with me.

On Friday 14th December I went on my works Christmas party for the first time as I had always tried to avoid them in the past but this year we were going to a spa on Friday morning followed by an afternoon of pampering and then an evening meal and dance at a country retreat with overnight accommodation. I had booked a body wax for 9.30am as soon as we arrived to be followed by a full body massage at 1330. I had my wax and had a small heart left just above my clitoris which was dyed bright red. I thought that would surprise Rob on Sunday as I had never before had as much hair removed I normally have it trimmed in a triangle. I had my massage the first time that a woman had massaged my 34c breast and also my inner thighs occasionally touching my vagina.

We went back to our room at about 1700 as we had to be dressed and in the bar for 1945 I wore my favourite agent provacateur black lace bra and panties and Black hold ups and my red silk 3/4 length dress with a slit up the right side. The meal went very well and the wine was flowing all the women looked fantastic and I was surprised at how well the men had scrubbed up

A bloke I knew from another department Nigel danced with me a few times and we got on really well and he came and sat with us and we had a few G & T he nipped outside to have a vape and I carried on chatting to a couple of the girls. After a while he returned and we had a few more dances before I need the loo he did as well so of we went as I came out he was waiting for me and asked if I wanted to step outside so he could have a vape. I was surprised to see quite a lot of people out there and a lot of them were really snogging and hands were everywhere and nobody seemed bothered. Nigel noticed I was shocked and he said not to worry its a Christmas party and it will be all forgotten by Monday morning at work. He turned towards me and slowly kissed me on the lips before his tongue pressed against my lips and I was soon responding his right hand cupped my breast over my dress as he put his electronic cigarette away and his left hand soon found the slit in my dress and he a wow can as he reached the bare skin above my stockings. I pulled his hand away and told him I wanted to go back inside. As we sat down more drinks were on the table for us he tried to apologise and I told him I was married and he said so was he but things happen at Christmas parties. I t was soon getting on for midnight and he said he was just going for a vape out side so as he got up so did I and he guided me outside to a quirt corner away from every body else ans we were soon sticking each others tongue down each others throats and I felt his left hand rubbing against the front of my lace knickers before going inside them and only the second man ever was fingering me and I was almost at the point of no return and asked him to stop. As we went back in I picked my hand bag of the floor under our table and said my good nights and took Nigel by the hand as we made our way to the lifts as we entered two more couples entered and two were on the same floor as me we followed them and mine was the first room so Nigel and I entered and the others turned round and shouted enjoy yourselves I just blushed and shut the door behind us. I kicked my heels off and and Nigel pulled me to him and we started kissing and I felt the side zip of my dress being lowered and wanted to stop everything but couldn't. I started to open his shirt and Unlike Rob Nigel's chest was covered in hair I was soon down to my bra, panties and hold ups and I sat on the bed on unfastened his belt and trousers before lowering his zip and letting them fall he was wearing tight fitting short and had an impressive bulge before pulling them down and as his 7"+ penis stood to attention and I saw that this part of his anatomy was completely hairless I was soon sucking it in as far as I could my saliva was all over its purple head .

He pulled out pushed me back onto the bed and soon had my bra and panties were flying through the air and he was kneeling between my parted legs he slowly entered me ans was soon pumping away at me till I felt him tense and felt him fill me with is hot come just as I had and enormous orgasm and my muscles gripped his penis and and squeezed every drop int o me. We lay together and by 4.30 he had sucked me dry and refilled me twice as well as taking my anal virginity before he left at 0845 I gave him a blow job and he filled my throat with his cum to complete the hatrick

I hope Rob reads this soon as I want it again