Written by Trac

7 Mar 2010

I am writing to tell you something that happened four weeks ago. I am a mrried woman, in a very open relationship and I am very unfaithful. I am 41 a firm toned 36d2435 leggy, shortish blond hair and my body is waxed smooth.

I adore horse riding, I have two horses and my husband supports this financially. I wanted a new saddle that cost juts over a thousand pounds. My husband said that I try to get a better deal. I saw Mike the director of the stables the next day. He is someone my husband loaths, he has always tried to chat me up. He is not my type. He is very arogant, about late forties, strong body but too full of himself. I prefer young atheltic guys ideally black and love large cock.

I told him that I needed to talk to him about a deal over the saddle; he said to come to his house, which is on the stable site at 4pm.

I decided that I would dress for effect and had a shortish black dress which was quite low cut, hold up stockings and heals. I thought that would put him in a good mood.

I rang the door bell at 4pm and he asked me in, undressing me with his eyes as he did so.

He led me into the sitting room, and asked me to sit on the settee, and he poured me a glass of wine and sat nex to me. After we had been chatting for a while I wasaware that his hand was on my leg. He then said I can let you have the saddle for £400, but there is a deal here and that is I want to fuck you. His hand started going up my leg, I thought that this was the only way I would get this saddle and my husband need never know I had been fucked by the guy he loathed, I opened my legs and he slid his hand under my thong and into my fanny, then he pulled me closer and french kissed me and groped my tits with his other hand. Then he stood and said get to the bedroom.

Once there he stripped and lay on the bed, his bdy was good and his cock was massive, layter found out 10" and very thick, and he was already hard. I did a slow strip and then went over to him and deep throated as much as I coculd his cock and gave head until he came. He then pushed me on to the bed and started to lick my fanny and arse he was very good I came a few times then he puyt some nipple clamps on m,y ni[pples and turn me over, handcuffed me to the bed and said you have better like pain you slag. He then started to use his belt on my arse, really stinging and hurting me. then he lifted my arse and went straight into my fanny and started to fuck me hard and very roughly. He smacked my arse and pulled my hair telling me that I was a sexy whore and that hje had wanted to fuck me for four years. I was aware that he was taking some photos by the flash.

He then tuirned me over and put my legs ovetr his shoulder and fucked me againholding m arms above me and being realy rough, which I do like. After he came he told me to liock him cleana nd suck him hard which I did the next time he fucked my arse and then my fanny alternating between the holes pulling the clamps and calling me names. He stopped sometimes and took more photos. When he had finished which was just before 8pm, I went and showered. when I came back he said he would fuck me on Saturday morning, I said the deal was one off. He then showed me the photos and also a video that he had taken he had a video camera on the wall. He told me he would show my friends at the yard and email my husband igf I did not fuck him at least once a week. Since then he has fucked me five times. He treats me like a whore and likes to hurt and call me names. In a way I enjoy the fucking, but dont like being blackmailed. I think I am stuck with this.