5 Oct 2016

This is a true story of what happened ,I met a blonde women in a pub she was good looking ect , but was looking sad I spoke to her and said you don't look happy . She then said well I have split from my partner due to his daughter not liking me and she started to cry ,I said don't cry and gave her a hug she calmed down a bit and we got chatting I noticed she was quite busty and the more I looked at her the more I fancied her . After a few more drinks she said do you want to come to my house in hemel Hempstead has you have been kind to me and helped me . Well I said ok and got us a taxi back to her home in hemel , on the way to her house she kissed me and I felt my cock twitch . When we got to her house we went in and she kissed me again with tonges ect , at this I groped her boobs which she liked she then started to undo my shirt and trousers , I was undressing her I got her tits out and wow 40dd ,I sucked them which turned her on she then dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and gave me the best blow job I have had before I came , I went down and sucked and liked her clit and that tasted of honey the best pussy I have tasted , I then got her in the wheel barrow postion and slid my cock into her and rode her hard deep and fast she came the same time has me and did she come my cock and balls soaked in her juices to which she licked and sucked clean before I licked her clean and pasted my spunk mixed with her juices to her mouth from mine this happened 10 months ago , and I have been fucking sucking her since and Helen has been giving me mega blow jobs ect . Helen will try anything once so sex is great I am working on her to have 3 somes ect and trying to get her to fuck a big black cock while I watch has when she has had a drink realy is a hot horny women ,I will keep you up dated if you want to look foreward to comments Phil