Written by caretaker

30 Sep 2012

had decided to take a holiday on my own for the very first time. Never

going away on my own, i felt a bit excited and a bit nervous. I thought id try

Gran Canaria. The hotel was good, nice food, nice rooms and plenty of topless

women by the pool.

After a couple of days of seeing nice tits around the pool and screaming

kids running around, i thought id try the beach not far away. I've always

fancied trying a nudist beach or a real empty beach where i could strip off and

even have a wank if no one was about. I haden't cum for about 3 days and my cock

was ready to burst after seeing all the tits around the hotel swimming


About 300 yards from the hotel was a path that led to a real nice beach,

sandy with real blue waters. It was quite a trek to get down on the sand so i

guessed there wouldn't be many people on it. I couldn't believe there was no one

on the beach, totally empty, so i thought.

After walking about 200 yards towards a coved area with a few rocks near, i

spotted a blonde lady sunbathing. I guess she was in her 40's and had a real

nice body, laying on her back and only wearing a real small tie at the sides

bikini bottom , no bikini top. More tits i thought. Then i noticed she had the

biggest, hardest nipples i had ever seen and quite big tits too. My cock

twitched as i got nearer.

Not wanting to get too close and not wanting to spook her, i kept my


I placed my towel on the soft sand, took off my vest top and sat down to

enjoy the gorgeous view and what a gorgeous view i had, lovely beach and blue

water and a blonde couger with the biggest nipples laying just a short way from


After about 20 mins, i realized how hot it was and just sat thinking of how

id love to fuck this blonde right now on this empty beach, with no one about. My

mind was racing as i kept glancing over at her nice body tanning in the hot

sun. Just then i saw her sit up and reach for her bag, taking out a cig

and lighting it, noticing me as she did so.

Her tits were even better when she sat up. I thought of a plan to get

chatting to her. I grabbed my cigs and made my way over to her, saying "hi" and

then asking if she had a light. " sure" she said passing me the lighter. I could

not take my eyes off her tits as i lit my cig. I said thanks and mentioned how

hot it was and what a nice beach it was.

She was English and her name was Tracie, we got chatting and i

mentioned how hot it was and how nice the beach was. She said she always

preferred the beach and that she had never gone topless before, saying that she

picked the beach so she could go topless. Well she didn't seem to mind me seeing

her lovely tits.

She said that her nipples were a bit sore from the hot sun and said she

thought its time she laid on her front.

I asked if she minded if i joined her. " Not at all" she said, " I

could do with someone rubbing some oil on my back". I collected my towel and

things and joined her. Passing me her suncream, i squeezed some on her back and

shoulders gently rubbing it in. " Did you want me to do your legs" i asked. "If

you dont mind" came the reply.

I squeezed some cream up and down both her legs, as my cock started to

swell in my shorts, wondering what might or could happen next. Well as i started

to wonder Tracie parted her legs a bit. I started of at her ankles, working my

way up to her bikini bottoms, wonder how high i dare to rub. I rubbed the cream

nearer and nearer to her pussy and as i did she let out a slight moan.

That was it, i thought id try my luck and just give her pussy a stroke over

her bikini bottoms, just where i could see a crease, where her cunt was. She did

not stop me but just let out a little moan again. I kept on just rubbing the

outside of her pussy and back down her thighs, she then parted her legs a bit


This gave me the ok and so i slipped a finger inside her bottoms and

stroked her hot, wet pussy, so smooth and not a hair on it My cock stiffened,

getting harder the more i stroked her hot cunt, thinking how much id love to

slip my cock deep into her right now.

I slid a finger deep into her hot hole and could not believe how hot and

how tight it was. My cock was now solid in my shorts and very noticeable as i

flicked her clit with my fingers. I wanted to fuck this woman so bad. Without

saying a word she undid the strings on her bikini bottoms and raised her ass

from the sand, giving me more access to her gorgeous pussy. I pulled her hips

upwards and buried my face into her hot smooth, wet cunt , tasting her and

darting my tongue into her love hole, flicking her clit with my tongue and she

moaned louder.

I couldn't stand it no more and released my rock hard cock from my

shorts, kneeling behind her and pulling her up on her knees. I held my stiff

cock and slowly rubbed the tip up and down her wet pussy, just nudging the tip

of my errection into her lips, teasing her to want me inside her. " Fuck me

please Gary, fuck me now" she said. I slowly eased my hard cock into her pussy,

inch by inch, not beleiving how wet and how very tight her pussy


I burried myself deep into her as far as my cock would go. She let out a

loud moan as my balls met her pussy lips. I speeded up more, listening to my

thighs slapping her bum cheeks as i drove deep into her wondering how long i

would last in this tight, wet hot cunt. " God you have a gorgeous pussy" i said

as i pounded her harder. I reached under her to cup her lovely tits and felt the

hardest nipples in my fingers as i fucked her faster and harder. My balls were

ready to burst as i felt my cum rising. " Im gonna cum" i said as i cud feel my

self ready to shoot my hot spunk.

With that i heard her let out a real loud moan as she came on my cock, her

jucies soaking my balls and my hot load spurting deep inside her tight cunt. I

must of squirted loads of cum and filled her pussy full with my spunk because as

i pulled out her juices and my cum dripped from her hot pussy onto the beach

towel below. "Thanks, i needed that" said Tracie, " " So did i " i said, "Thank

you to", we both laughed.

We lay down for a bit and had a cig.

Tracie asked if i wanted some suncream on and i said i wouldn't mind as i

lay on my back she got to work and in no time my cock was solid again, God this

woman was sexy and horny. She creamed my balls with the sun lotion , then i felt

her lips around my hard cock, swallowing me deeper into her mouth. I

groaned and told her how good she was at sucking cock, teasing my balls and

sucking and licking my cock.

Without a word, she squatted over my hard cock, rubbed my helmet on her

clit, then slowly lowered her self down on me, taking every inch of my solid

cock deep into her, till her pussy lips rested on my balls.

Tracie then gave me the best fuck of my life riding my cock and bouncing up

and down on my length as i cupped her tits and sucked her nipples. She rode me

for a few minutes and all i could hear was her bum cheeks slapping my thighs as

she rode me, fucking me deep and hard, playing with her clit as she did.

Moaning louder and louder she was close to cummin. All i could think about

was cumming deep inside that hot pussy of hers.

I had never felt such a tight ,wet pussy on my cock before. Tracie

let out a squeal and came hard on my cock, i could feel her pussy juices soak my

balls . That was it, i shouted i was coming, with that she slipped off of

my throbbing cock and swallowed my cock into her mouth sucking me as i shot

another big load, she swallowed every drop and then licked her lips and gave me

a lovely smile.

She had drained every drop of spunk from my body. We sunbathed for a few

more hours and said our goodbyes. I gave Tracie a kiss and thanked her for

making my day so horny. "Maybe see you here again some time" i said, " Ok,

take care" Tracie said as we parted.