Written by MK2

11 Nov 2017

I met my future wife at work, she hit on me early and we were having an intimate relationship within 2 weeks. The relationship grew and we were very open. I used to ask her about previous boyfriends and she revealed she used to enjoy being tied up amongst other things...

One of her previous escapades when she was younger involved a MMF threesome where they had "done me from both ends" and she admitted to me that "it would be mind blowing to have all 3 holes filled with cock and have them come inside her" but she'd never actually had the pleasure.

We married after 2 years together and the multi-men at same time thing turned into fantasy material for us but I never dared take it any further. Jealousy played a big part especially as I knew she would be game.

A number of years into the marriage and one evening my wife was getting ready to spend an evening with her friends and looked stunning, short skirt, tight top, small knickers and a little bra covering her beautiful pert titties.

She said she was feeling horny, it was that time of the month, and said she'd wake me when she got home for a session...

The night was a long one and must admit I was aroused at the thought of other men looking at her and chatting her up... and they would be, she looked great.

2am came, then 3am until she finally rolled in the door at around 3.30. I put my hand between her legs and the area was soaking, with no knickers. I felt her pussy it was puffy with her lips puffed, warm and ready, I felt around her bum and was staggered to find this area also very damp. My heart pounded and could only imagine what she'd been up to and demanded to know.

It transpired her and friends had a few drinks in some bars and went on to nightclub. She was totally surprised to meet a guy from her past who was, you guessed it, the second guy in the threesome she'd had!

He naturally hit on her and she admitted she loved the attention as well as being completely taken aback with her mind racing when she realised he was with 2 male friends - both of them "hot" as she put it.

She clammed up on going further on the story of the evening and didn't want to tell me any more......but I encouraged her promising I wouldn't be angry.

She went on, drunk and on heat they brushed up to her periodically and she encouraged further attention and flirted badly planning a 'situation' all along. She really is game girl and loves men, I'll never be able to change this.

Eventually the night ended and they offered her a coffee at one of theirs to sober up, she agreed excitedly. Back at the house they enticed her out of some clothes pretty easily and pretty quickly, they all remained fully dressed and she stripped off and stark naked went on her knees, opened a zip and took out a cock. I encouraged her to reveal more...

She loves sucking and deep throated him. The other 2 soon had their cocks out and went to "town on me" as she described it. swapping cocks to empty juices into her willing throat as she sucked them all... She bent her head back over the sofa and told them to lower their cocks into her mouth from above and swap around in a train - filthy cow.

Eventually she wanted fucking and told me she was shaking with anticipation at this point with nerves, fear and delight.

they bent her over onto all fours, her shoulders pushed down as she pushed her bum right out. They fondled her tits, pussy and bum, working her up to a frenzy by rubbing her clit and exposing her innermost areas. She thinks 2 or 3 of them also took pictures of her with their phones. She said she loved the feeling of being exposed to all of them and pushed her bum back as far as possible and spread her own cheeks and pussy as far as she could as they continued to rub and encourage her.

Obviously they all got round to fucking her, and she stayed on all 4's for most of the evening while they entered her open pussy and fucked her furiously, pulling out periodically to swap over and take more pictures.

one of them tried to push his cock into her bumhole as they got carried away and started "to really dominate and use me". She stopped him and asked him to put on a skin but promised them they could all fuck "me the bum if they wanted". She loves anal.

They didn't need telling twice and swapped between all 3 of her holes. She admitted she went into overdrive, multiple orgasm and was completely drunk on the situation and was in a state of complete wanton lust. It ended with all of them coming in all her holes to some degree or another but it had to end soon as it had begun. One of them stole her knickers and two of them pulled her aside asking to be her boyfriend. But she made her excuses and they phoned her a taxi...