Written by fellatrice

12 Oct 2009


dining room, lunchtime, very busy.

a woman on her own, was clutching her tray looking for a place to sit- i caught her eye and motioned to her to sit with us. So she did and within a couple of glasses of winestime we were catching fluentlY.

yes, she was on her own, originally she came with her hub but he had recieved a most urgent recall home, and had left her alone, and wud be back asap.

more wine, morewine the lunch finished and i sed giggling, now its siesta, we always have a siesta at lunchtime on holiday , if you know what i mean, OH she giggled lucky devil and me all on my own.

i glanced at my hub, and saw the slight nod. You can come and join our siesta if you like

her eyes widen, she stared, --- yes, yes ok, why not, he shudnt have left me alone, all these topless girls and me as horny as hell.

we went back to our appt and i whipped off my top - no bra and then my skirt - no knickers - wow wow naughty she sed,

hub and me moved in on her and undressed her, down to her knickers, the we knelt down on each side and slowly pulled them down, i could feel her trembling ..

she had a nicely trimmed pussy on her cunt, nice for skimpy bikinis, nice i sed nice and i ran the back of my finger up inbetwen of her lips, the i leant foward and used my thumbs to pull open her cunt and then licked it thrre times and the a kiss on her hard clitty, my husband did the same and by now she was squirming around

we pushed her on the bed and i started lickinyg her off, i cud hear hub talking real dirty with her and in less than no time she arched her back up squealed and came real hard.

my tyurn sed hub and her proceeded to suck her off a second time while i was kissing her and playing with haer tits and squeezing her nipples- she came again hard and thrusting her ass up and down.

i climbed up on top and lowered myself down onto her mouth, she strated tonnguing me str8 off, i was facing hubby and i watched him slide his cock into her as i enjoyed her tongue. Hub pulled out B4 he came and licked her off again.

i came she came i came she came

then hub sed its me turn, i pulled her down with me and we got each side of him and sucked him off together, when he spunked us we did spunk kissing and shared his juice between us ...

the next ... well tel me if you want to know more, cos it got very dirty over the next days;;;