Written by sexyartist69

24 Aug 2008

Just came back from the gym after a very exciting work out. I was wearing loose fitting jogging trousers and a loose top and no underwear so my cock was swinging around as I worked out. I find it exciting that women and guys can see the outline of my cock hanging down as I strut around. There was one guy in particular who I had chatted to before in the sauna and we really clicked and he was there again. We both said hi and got out with our work outs with the odd glance every now and then and i noticed him look down at my crutch a few times as I was walking around which made me twitch with excitement but I had to control my natural urges or it would have been very embarrassing. After an hour of working up a sweet I headed for the showers. While stripping off and admiring my naked body in the many mirrors in the changing rooms the same guy came in that i had been chatting too. He caught me possing in the mirrors with my cock hanging between my legs. As he came in his eyes went straight down my my cock causing me to swell slightly. I felt embarrassed at being caught possing and said to him, laughing, \\\\\\\"look at me admiring myself.How vein am I? He lauhged and said if you\\\\\\\'ve got it flaunt it and you definitely got it while still looking at my cock. I felt so turned on and horny and said thanks. His locker was close to mine and I watched him as he stripped in front of me. I had to control myself as my cock was semi erect now. As he pulled down his pants he revealed a lovely thick uncut cock and I think just for my pleasure he pulled back his foreskin revealing his purple head glistening from sweet. My cock was getting hard now and I grab my towel to cover up my embarrassment and said I better go and shower to cool off which made him smile and he looked down again and just said mmmmmmmm.

As I walked to the shower all I could think about was putting his cock in my mouht and tasting his hot spunk. As I showered I had my back facing the entrance to hide my hard on when I heard a voice say \\\\\\\"have you cooled down yet or are you still feeling hot? As I turned I saw him soaping his cock in the opposite shower. What a wonderful sight. It was a glorious sight. Wihtout hesitation I walked into his shower and kissed him full on while pulling on his foreskin. Taking some more soap he started to wank my cut cock both of us still with our tongues down each others throat and masterbating each other like there was no tomorrow. I pulled away so we could watch each other play. He told he was about to cum which brought me to my knees and I devoured his hot cock getting my first taste of his precum shortly followed, as he tensed, by streams of thick hot spunk down my throat. It felt fantastic and I could not get enough of it . I had never felt so turned on . I quickly stood ready to explode myself and he kissed him exchanging his juices while he gripped my cock. Within seconds he crouched down and swallowed my cock bringing me to an amazing climax; I could not stop cuming but I eventually did we embraced and tasted my hot spunk direct from his mouht as his tongue forced its way into my mouth. We caressed each other kissing for what seemed like ages with both of us swelling again.. We eventually left the showers and dressed knowing we both wanted more which shortly followed after a short drive to his place where it was not long before we tore each others clothes off and started all over again mmmmmmm.....

More to follow.....