Written by Michell

15 Nov 2017

I was married for 10years my ex divorced me because he said I was sexless ,he was the only man I had sex with ,he never wanted oral sex ,anyway after a couple of Years I meet this chap ,very attractive ,I'm 5 ft5 in size 8 and told I'm nice looking ,we had been out a few times ,after an evening out back at my flat we started kissing and petting ,he was feeling my tits lifted up my jumper and sucked my nipples which I loved ,I have never worn a bra ,I'm very firm ,he then slid his hand up my skirt over my stocking and rub me through my panties ,it felt amazing ,he then took my hand and place it on his very hard cock which I squeezed ,he told me to get it out which I did ,it was about 7 inch long and fat and had a foreskin which I had heard about ,but my ex was curcumcised so it was new to me ,I loved it and rub it up and down ,he then told me to suck it ,it tasted wonderful ,I loved doing it ,watching his foreskin going over the helmet .we ended up naked on the settee .i was so randy I had never felt so turned on ,he licked my clit very slowly ,turned me over and started on my bottom pulling my cheeks wide open ,I can't tell you how fantastic it felt ,he then started rubbing fingering my bum hole and rubbing my clit at the same time ,I felt so heady ,like I was in a dream ,after awhile he fingered my bottom ,then two fingers ,I was hot I then felt him gently push his cock up my bottom he carried on rubbing my clit ,I had the most powerful orgasm to the point I almost passed out ,as he pulled out I squirted and all cum ran out of my bottom ,my pussy was so swollen where he had rub me,it felt like it was on fire .at the age of 38 I didn't know sex could be that great ,he told me it's the best sex he had every had ,I told him it was my first really orgasm ,we can't get enough of each other