Written by erich

8 Feb 2009

ann and i have been married for over thirty years and i have always wanted to see her have sex with other men i told her of my thoughts and her first reaction was of shock and she asked if i was not happy with her which i am our sex life is very good but i wanted to share her with other men so she let me put an advert in a contact mag and we got a few replys she has had six other men that have had sex with her and she has enjoyed it and now she has got a long term lover that will phone her to let her now when he is coming to visit her for sex he will tell her what to wear usually somthing see through and stockings and susppenders no panties when he arrives at our house she is wet waiting for him when he enters the room he kisses her and puts his hand up to her shaven pussy to make sure she has no panties on and he slips his fingers deep into her wet pussy after a while we head for the bedroom and we all strip ann keeps her stockings on she lies back on the bed and her lover starts to play with her big tits and sucks her harb nipples she starts to play with his hard cock and sticks it into her mouth to suck and lick it he then opens her legs and he opens her pussy and starts to lick and suck on it and she lets out little moans of pleasure i then offer her my hard cock to suck on while her lover is sucking and licking her really wet pussy he then starts to slide his cock deep inside anns very wet pussy and starts to fuck her after a while we swap ends and i give her my cock up her pussy as i watch her lover put his cock into her mouth to taste her own pussy juice from him he then takes over from my cock and starts to fuck her really hard and tells her that he is going to shoot his cum deep inside her pussy she loves to feel cum bieng shot inside her pussy then he puts his cock into her mouth to let her suck it clean and to swallow his cum down her throat while i watch her lovers cum trickle out of her pussy it is so horny to watch another mans cum leaking out of your own wifes pussy