Written by Jay_smith08

7 Jun 2010

this only happened the other day, me and my wife tracy were out walking in some fields near our house when we came to a small lake we know to let the dog swim. its partially secluded and after about 15 mins of sitting tracy leant over to me and started kissing me, all of a sudden she just got out her breasts and placed my hand on them. after a short while she took out my cock and wanked and sucked me. it was when she had my hard cock fully in her mouth that a group of 3 young couples about 18 years old appeared. i let tracy carry on and the 3 women looked and pointed. wow i was so turned on but tracy noticed and stopped, they came over and said hello and asked if we had been swimming but we replied no, the 3 men then waded in the lake and i noticed 1 of the women staring at me, i told the wife and she said she probably wanted to fuck me, i wish as she was quite hot. after a while they left and then shortly after we did. on walking through some bushes the woman who was staring at me was still there on her own wih her fella, she was having a piss and i saw it gushing out her sweet looking pussy. she looked embarressed and quickly turned away. we shouted the dog and made our way home. when we got home we didnt make it out the hallway before my wife made me fuck her and she kept telling me how she wanted to see me with another woman while she sucked on some cock. this relly suprised me hearing her talk like that and shot my come straight away. maybe one day we will. and next time its warm i'm definatly going back to that lake ;-)