Written by jerryberry

18 Jan 2010

if you look back you will see I've shared several stories of our times with M & Emma in their hot tub, the last over the Christmas break when we dropped in on them. This weekend they called up on Friday to say that they were in the area and asked if we wanted to meet for a pizza. We decided yes but having had a busy week we didn't want a late night.

We met in a local place and had an enjoyable evening and plenty to drink! too much to drive so I suggested back to ours and offered them a bed for the night.

Back at ours we opened another bottle then another and before we knew it were all very pissed!

Em suggested bedtime and we agreed, what C & I hadn't banked on was sharing with them, C has never been keen on sharing but this time the drink took over.

In a king size bed there is not much room for 4 but very soon I felt e stroking my cock as it hardened whilst at the same time C was kissing me and her hand went south too. So both girls working me felt very good. The bed was moving and I noticed that M was behind c, I whispered to her and she confirmed that he was fucking her from behind slowly but very deep. That night was quite adventurous for all of us I fucked both the girls so did M and egged on by em I sucked my first cock (albeit whilst M was asleep!!)I wonder if next time I will have the courage to try again whilst he's awake?

Perhaps the nicest part was being able to lick 2 pussies which were both drenched in come - that I can thoroughly recommend!