Written by an old man

2 Nov 2011

I told you on the 29th Oct how I meet a young man ages 19 and sleep with him that night

He had gone in the early hours to his own room almost with out a goodbye I was to knackered really say or do much myself, I lay there trying to get my thoughts together I hadn't expected it and not really looking for a pull I had thought about it in a weeks time trying my luck when I be in the Birmingham area where I know a couple of gay bars and clubs and its not hard to get a pull but this had really come out the blue

I lay there thinking and wondering if I would every see him again I really would like to you don't come across a young stud like him every day I don't think I had ever known one as well hung or as fit and energetic as him in all my years

The bed was quite damp where I lay his seamen was still draining out my very stretched ring it was still open and gaping it felt quite sore to the touch swollen and puffy it had been a very long time sine it been like this and that had been when I some how taken on three men at a party when I was in my teens, it had been anonymous sex and it hadn't got to be that time but it had been it seems that how it is most of the time we all done it some dark car part and some guy you can't see had his cock in your mouth skunking down your throat or your bent over and his up you panting away till he cums if your lucky you may see his car leave

Next day I had some meetings as I drove away from the hotel I aced inside and wonder it he had injured my inside some how, that evening I get back to the hotel with a open mind not really thinking he be there and it had been the one night stand I had a meal and was at the bar and a hand on my shoulder it was him well I really felt happy this time we chatted like old friend and got to know each other his name was Paul he was nineteen I was really flatted he fancied me he is very handsome and could have the pick of much younger men I found out he not got a girlfriend he has sleep with older women a few times but had strong feeling as he put it the other way but had only had a couple of experiences and last night was his real first time of bedding another man as he said that he told me to drink up he was keen to have another go my face must of lit up

We where soon in my room as the door closed we where at each other like a couple of lovers having an affair I pushed his shirt off and hugged him putting my lips over his at first his mouth was shut then his lips parted we where in a full on snog my hand rubbed his crotch I jest couldn't believe how big is meat is and how fast it got hard as we kissed I got his jeans undone and pushed down his hand was in the back of my trousers a finger touched my love bud I gasped a it slipped in me with out any trouble he had really stretched my man pussy last night I wanted to slow him down if I could this time I sat on the bed with him in front of me thinking I blow him first I got his helmet in my mouth and a little bit of shaft it was jest to big to get more in I did my best to give him a really nice blow job but he was to big really it filled my mouth he did try to face fuck me but it was jest to much doing it had got me rock hard I needed to get my breath back so we got striped off

We ended up on the bed I wanted to go for a 69 on our sides he got the eider in the end

He wasn't that good at sucking which was good in away as I was going to cum very quickly if had been I went to work on him really made a meal of it I massaged his huge nuts in my hand I could feel them tighten so knew I would get his load any minute god I was right he jerked and a huge load shot into my mouth I swallowed as hard as I could but before I got the lot down there was a jet then another he shot three times he flooded my mouth it made me let go and got him by surprise he got a mouth full but some shot over his face and in his heir

We ended up cuddling I lick my cum off his face he told me that was his fist time he had sucked a cock he had lots of men suck him off we lay there some time for me once I cum I lose a little interest but my young stud his dick never really went down he keep as good semi lob on it soon sutured and stated to swell

I rubbed it and found it coming past my wrist and up my arm when I got to its base he wanted to fuck I rolled onto my back and bent and lifted my knees I think it was new to him with a man he moved between my legs I past the lobe he coated his cock and put a little on my puckered hole as he moved in I lifted my legs onto his shoulders as he came in it lifted me rolling me back so he was in line with my man pussy I was holding my breath as it touched holding it he pressed forward and pushed my muscle ring resisted then let go as the knob end pushed inside me I gasped it hurt but not like last night a pleasant pain I could feel him going inside my body as he came over me I was lifted up he got so deep it hurt he got the last inch up me and jest felt very full my legs where by my head almost we where as one he was trembling some how I had taken his full length his balls hung over my bum then at first he slowly started to fuck me but building up speed I was almost crying with pain and plaster it was like piston inside me his movement made me roll with him joined at my anus he is fit and athletic I got a real vigorous seeing to he has stammer and lasted a lot longer than any lover I have had before till he grunted his cock twitched in me his body jerked over me I am sure I felt his sperm flood my bowel deep inside me we had mated I was still impaled on him as he kissed me

He stayed the night and I was his slut twice more that night once on my knees and once I sat on top of him for a time some how he shot his lot each time I cleaned his cock each time he had me I stayed am exert nigh to sleep with him and found out a lot about him he lived with his mum and dad after that he came to stay with me at home on quite a regular basis we where lover for over a year and did lots of thing together in that time which I could tell you about later if you like me to