Written by ukdodgybloke

23 Mar 2015

I had been staying at one off those budget hotels in Liverpool as I had been on a conference

the conference had finish early and was in the bar at the hotel and was trying my luck with the woman on the conference but was having no luck so I decided to hit the bars around the albert docks area

about 1am ish I still had no luck so decided to give it up as a lost cause and head back to the hotel, I was going to go to a massage parlour if I pass one on the way back to my hotel but could not find one

anyway I got back to my hotel and just got into the lift and there was a couple in there

I would say in there 30's the woman was med build shoulder length black hair, she was wearing a knee length dress, the bloke looked a bit worse for wear and was slouch in the corner of the lift the woman was not looking happy at all, the lift stop on there floor and she tried to get him out of the lift and was struggling to hold him up so I offered to give her a hand, which she agreed

between the 2 off us we managed to get him back to there room

there room had a single and double bed it we manage to get him on the single bed, which he fell into

she thank me and said her name was Sue and that loser on the bed was Dan her husband

she ask me if I would not mind to help to un zip her dress as it was one with a zip at the back , so turned round with her back to me, I stared to un zip her dress and I zip it all the way down and sue let the dress fall to the ground, sue turned round and face me, she was wearing stockings and suspender out fit with a matching black thong and bra set, she said this was a new outfit as it was there anniversary and she also said that spent ages getting ready shaving her legs and her bits

by now my cock was nearly bursting out of my jeans, she move towards me and started to undo my jeans, I looked over at Dan and he was snoring his head off I slid my hand in side sues thong and she was smooth and she let out a sight, she then got on her knees pulled down my jeans and boxers and started to suck mu hard cock after about 5 min I lifted her up layed her down on the bed pulled down her thong and started to lick her pussy she then pulled me up and guide my hard cock into her pussy and I stared to pump away Sue was moaning grabbing my ass pulling me more into her. Dan was still snoring his head off, I got of Sue turned her over got her to bend over the bed while I took her from behind , while I was pumping her from behind I started to finger her arse, which made her buck and moan more, I ask her if she had ever been fuck up the arse she said no she had never , I ask her if I could fuck her arse she said she don't know but will give it a go I took my cock out off her pussy and tried to stick it up her tight arse but it was too tight ,I said have you any KY she said no but has some Vaseline, she went to get the Vaseline I look at Dan and he was still asleep, she gave me the Vaseline I rub some on my hard cock and some on my fingers and stated to finger her arse after a couple of mins I tried to take sues virgin arse and managed to get the tip off my cock into sues arse with a bit more Vaseline I mange to get my cock into sues arse and was pumping away it felt so tight I knew I would hold out much longer and I would be soon be coming , and told sue this and she said go on and fill my arse with your hot cum and within a couple of min I was shooting my load into sues tight arse . sue collapsed on the bed with my spunk running out of her arse , sue got up gave me a kiss thanked me and shoved me out off her room

I did not see them at breakfast in the morning and did not see them again