Written by fandm

31 Jan 2008

We were still fairly inexperienced when we had this meet. We were heading off on hols so thought a meet at the airport beforehand would be a great way to start the holiday. Our flight was early morning so we booked into the Hilton at Gatwick. Looking on the web sites again F saw her man. Good looking 29 and verified 'D' looked good to F, we got in touch and after exchanging some pics and a mobile chat it was all set. F looked gorgeous in her new 'meet' outfit, Black top, stockings and crystal shoes with a sexy black mini dress. We nervously sat having a drink in the hotel bar waiting. D came up the escalator and met F's eyes. They gave each other a welcome kiss that made it look like they were long lost friends. We had another glass of wine and I might as well not have been there. F and I were sat next to each other with D opposite, D was winking and smiling at F and F was giving the same back. The sexual tension was building and well the wine wasn't finished when F said to me -shall we go to our room? They set off quickly leaving me to catch up, in front of me they were holding hands while I watched from behind- as we moved into the deserted corridor his hand went to her arse. She turned and gave me then him a big smile as his hand explored her curves.

We got to the room and they couldn't wait to start kissing. They were soon naked on the bed with Dam's cock in F's mouth. After no time F was putting her hand out to me for me to give her a condom. I passed it to him - it was bright red- strawberry-

She told him to take it slowly as he was big boy- about 81/2 ins but thick too. With her on her back and her knees up he guided his red condom covered cock home, i got behind them with my video. D was good- slowly giving her his length, she moaned quietly at first then getting loader as only she does. After 5 mins of slow then faster fucking F sat up and sat astride him. She fucked him hard and started her first orgasm of many that night. When she fell aside in a particularly big one he rolled her over. He then took over on top and banged her so the bed was making one hell of a noise. Eventually after about 30 mins of fucking in all sorts of positions he was doing her doggy- I said how is she- 'great body''great fuck' he said which seemed to trigger him to cum. As he shot his load into the red condom F had a huge orgasm shaking almost uncontrolably. I took over giving hr some oral and after no time he was up for it again and she sat astride him and fucked him real fast. He came again and so did she. We had run out of wine so I said i'd go to the bar for a bottle. As I left the room a hotel guy an away from our door -I'm still convinced he had been listening. As I got back to the room I thought theyed left but they went to the shower - (very large in the Hilton exec rooms) and she was getting him hard for a third time by soaping his cock and body. The shower must have been running for 40 mins while they played with each other with oral sex and all sorts.

After about 3 hours he said he was drained and said his goodbyes.

F and I laid back and relived the night watching the video I'd made and ended up fucking her for one last time that night. fantastic

Another great guy who fulfilled all expectations. Looks like we are into this big time now!!!