26 Mar 2016

I met a new guy for a drink, it was like we'd known each other for ages. After a few drinks, we decided to move onto another bar, walking to the Savoy, then after, walking to another bar, round he back of he Savoy, he pulled me into a doorway to kiss me... wow, I have not been kissed like that in a long time.... so passionate, gently and damn right sexy. Turned me on so much, I dropped to my knees, pulled his cock out and gave him, what he said, an amazing blow job. As I stood, his hands lifted my dress and he felt my soaking wet pussy and slipped his fingers in. Risky, but so horny, so we pulled ourselves together and went to another bar where we finished off the evening with a nice drink, another sexy kiss and then home.

We continued to text over the next few days, the texting sexy, describing in detail what we wanted to do to each other.... then, on the Sunday morning, we couldn't wait any longer... He booked a hotel and I met him there. Before I reached the hotel I was so turned on a wet at the thought of his kisses and his hands all over me. We met in the car park where he was attentive, a gentleman, and gave me a sensual gentle kiss, oh my god, it was better than I remembered.

We then got to the room, closed the door and as he pinned me to it, kissed me that made my knees go weak. His hands everywhere and then lifted my dress to find my sexy underwear and stockings. I pushed him back on the bed and I undressed him, made him lay back on the bed and worked my way up his body, my tits brushing over his rock hard cock as I worked my way to his mouth, kissing him and feeling his cock against my body....

We fucked, made love, laughed, talked over the next four hours. Driving home my legs were shaking because they had been opened wide, wrapped around him, he was impressive and very much looking forward to repeating the meet again x