Written by Sarah

6 Oct 2016

We have been swinging for the last 10 years and our sex life is now amazing, like it was when we first met.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago we was both feeling really horny and I wanted another man, we went to a hotel for a drink. I walked in the bar and hubby stayed in the reception area, we normally do this as sometimes men don't like another man around, I ordered a drink and saw a really cute guy sitting on his own at a table, we made eye contact and I asked him for the wifi code he told me what it was, the next thing he said can you watch my drink as I need to go back to my room, so I said yes of course shall I sit at the table, he said yeah if you don't mind, within 5 minutes he was back smelling gorgeous and his hair freshly brushed. we went outside for a cigarette and started chatting, he asked me my name then leant over and kissed my cheeks, he went to the bar and bought us both a drink and said shall we go to my room as it will be more comfortable, I said ok so we went to his room chatting all the way, when we got inside I sat on the bed he turned on a bedside light and sat beside me, he leant over and started to kiss my mouth gently at first but then forced my lips open and put his tongue in he was an amazing kisser, he laid me down on the bed and took off my lacy thong, he opened my legs and finger fucked me until I exploded, he then got up and stripped naked he spread my legs and started licking my pussy I cum again, he climbed on the bed so I could suck his rock hard cock, we was in the 69 position until I exploded. he got off andlifted my dress over my head and started stroking, pinching and biting my nipples I couldn't help moaning as I was so turned on, he opened my legs got on top of me and started fucking my soaking wet pussy with his massive rock hard cock, he only pushed an inch in at a time as he was so big and thick, my god what a night