Written by janeandmartin

8 Feb 2010

Although we have had many great experiences at clubs in the past Jane and I rarely have the time these days to go (poor me!) but we do still play on the site. Two weeks ago we were talking to a local bi curious guy, about our ages, slightly older, who was really quite nice, at least Jane thought so anyway. We have always had a rule only to play at clubs but this chap was so persistent and that he just wanted to see a couple in bed, and play with them for just a short time, so we finally agreed a date and time for the meet, 10.30 am the following day at a local hotel.

Now, there are quite a few time wasters so I agreed to meet him in the hotel car park before paying for the room which he understood and eagerly agreed to, with that I called the hotel and booked the room.

The following morning Jane dressed for the occasion in her stockings and suspenders, despite my cock throbbing with anticipation she would not let me fuck her, instead saying that she wanted to wait. We drove the few miles to the hotel and bang on time our man also pulled in.

I went over to the car and agreed once again what he could and could not do, he could touch and wank but no actual fucking, he also said he would be happy with just half an hour, great the rest of the day would be ours!

We paid for the room, undressed and text him with the room number, within 2 mins he was there. We had left the curtains closed but it was still light enough for him to see perfectly. He stood be the side of the bed not knowing what to look at first, but the bulge in his trousers let us know he was enjoying what he was looking at. Jane and I were kissing each other and I was playing with her ample tits.

I looked over at him as he removed in trousers letting out his rock hard cock, about 6” but quite thick. By now Jane was sopping wet and turned over on her back letting him have a better view. I lay by her side and we both watched him wanking his cock while gently touching Janes wet hole. We turned to each other and kissed while his hands drifted all over Jane’s tits, cunt and occasionally my cock, all the time wanking his own furiously.

We could hear him getting closer to cumming so we both looked at his cock as he shot his load all over Jane’s tits, it was so thick and creamy and just seemed to keep coming. He eventually stopped and politely said thank you before getting dressed and leaving, all done in 30 mins, wow!.

Once he had gone I massaged his cum all over Jane’s tits and slid my cock deep into her wet, hot cunt, she shuddered with a deep orgasm as I shot my load into her, 3 times in fact before we left later that day.

We enjoyed it so much that hopefully we will do it again soon.