Written by Don

26 Apr 2013

So there was I pumping my cock into Janey doggy style while she fed on Ted’s generous member, and all this was happening in the corridor outside our hotel room.

Ted’s partner – a lady slightly older than us, say early 50s, and with a nice curvy body, and 38C tits – watched the three of us, with a slight smile on her face, her eyes fixed on Janey chewing on Ted’s long thick pole. She came closer, and looked me in the eye; “Want me to suck yours for you?”

“That would be nice, very nice, but Janey needs it at the moment, can I get to you in a moment?” Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it, but I couldn’t just pull out of Janey while she was in such a heightened state – her pussy muscles rippled around my cock, and I could sense she was not far from a breath-taking climax.

She began to emit moans, her mouth locked around Ted. She shook, and just as she began to climax, Ted gasped and pumped his seed down Janey’s throat.

Janey sagged and collapsed on to the floor, my penis pinging out of her, Ted’s semi-hard member dropping semen on Janey’s hair.

“My turn now.” And the woman, I didn’t know her name then, bent forward and took my cock between her bright-red lipsticked lips, licking Janey’s juices from the shaft before swallowing (felt like it anyway) my penis.

Janey lay there still and silent. Ted just watched his woman sucking me. “Bet you can’t last long, Sheila is an expert.”

He was right, her administrations were heavenly, and becoming more urgent, she could sense my loins coming to the boil, and quickened her pace yet again.

“GOD!” I spat my semen on to her tongue, once twice and again. Sheila with her mouth now open and looking up at me, showing me my cum filling her mouth before swallowing the lot. “Mmmm, very tasty.”

Sheila stood and put her mouth on mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth, the salty taste of my cum washing down my dry throat.

“Thanks dear. Come on Ted, best get to bed now.” With that she turned and walked calmly back the few steps to their door and she was gone, Ted following and the door closed. I was left standing alone, naked in the corridor, with my wife naked on the floor at my feet.

Gently pulling Janey up, I supported her as best I could and walked her to our door, thankfully only a couple of yards away. I lifted her into the bed, closed the door, and collapsed beside her.

I could hardly believe what had just happened. It now seemed unreal.

I killed the lights, and lay there in the dark; Janey’s breathing now indicating she was mostly asleep. Eventually I must have fallen into a deep sleep myself, as when I woke the sky behind the net curtains was beginning to lighten. I looked at my watch – 6am.

Janey was lying on her side facing away from me, and I spooned myself to her, reaching my hand under her arm to clasp her left breast. I played with her nipple while my penis raised the flag and took up close position along her bum.

Janey stirred, she was not completely asleep now, but she just lay there while I played. I could feel her nipple harden under my fingers, and then I reached my free hand to find her slit, and – yes, she was wet, her juices flowing.

“Did you enjoy last night?” I gingerly enquired.

“Mmmm, was I really that slutty, fancy me fucking in the corridor, AND sucking on a stranger’s cock.” My fingers pushed between her labia and gently inside her. Janey pushed back in response.

“You didn’t answer the question Janey.” I tried again.

“Well, did I enjoy it? Yes! You bet I did; that was the best sex I have ever had. Would I like to do it again, Yes please!”

I pushed my member where my fingers had been, she was very wet and he slid home sweetly.

“We could try knocking on their door, to see if they want a repeat.” I floated the idea, not certain of a response.

“Not in the corridor, Don, but I wouldn’t mind them joining us here.” Was she a forever changed woman, had what happened unlocked a slut in Janey? I was puzzled, my mind full of questions.

“Well, are you going, or shall I?” Janey sat upright in the bed, removing my friend from his haven, and she looked at me. I was unsure, last night we had all – I think been in drink, although not drunk, in the cold light of day more modest behaviour would surely prevail.

“Stay there. I am going.” Janey was out of bed and at the door in a flash.

SORRY, NOT ENOUGH TIME TO FINISH, and you did ask for more as quickly as possible.