Written by Don

29 Apr 2013

If you have read the previous episodes you know that my faithful wife of 26 years, Janey, and I had come across a couple fucking in the corridor of our hotel room in Bournemouth in the early hours after a pleasant dinner while on a short break to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The sight had led to us joining them and fucking doggy style in the corridor, when Janey had accepted the offer of sucking on the man’s large cock while I pounded her. After Ted had filled my wife’s mouth with his juice, the woman – Sheila (a curvy lady with a big smile and great 38C tits) – had taken my aching cock and expertly brought me to a climax, opening her mouth so I could watch my spurts flow on to her tongue before swallowing it and then kissing me, and bidding us good night.

Early the next morning, Janey was still extremely horny and wet, and had left me in bed to see if our new friends (two rooms away) were up for more fun.

Janey had left our door ajar – she was still naked – and I suddenly felt a call of nature, so I went to the en-suite and emptied my bladder, then turned on the walk-in shower, and stood under the streaming water, massaging my semi-erect penis, and thinking about Sheila’s superb tits. How I wanted to kneed those babies; Janey has small breasts, and the chance to enjoy Sheila’s generous pair was the focus of my erotic thoughts, even more so than the revelation of my wife behaving outrageously with another man.

I soaped and let the water soak away my sleepiness, and I was just beginning to wonder what had happened to Janey when the shower door opened and there was Sheila – naked and smiling.

“Can I join you?” She stepped in and soon had her hand on my member, rubbing him. Our mouths met, wet tongues flashing together. My hands went to her breasts, they were everything a man could wish for, soft and full, and her nipples were already standing to attention.

I turned off the shower, and helped Sheila dry off, while she returned the favour.

“Put your tits around me.” I urged (something which Janey couldn’t do, she was just not busty enough).

Sheila kneeled on the towels, and pushed her bosoms up while I inserted my cock into her cleavage. She flicked her tongue on my bell-end. “Does that feel good?” she asked.

“Mmmm, God, yes it does.”

My reverie was interrupted by my dutiful husband conscience, “Where’s Janey?”

“She’s on your bed, having a cock breakfast. Shall we join them?” Sheila led the way, and there was Janey, lying half across Ted on our bed, with Ted’s engorged erection halfway down her throat.

Sheila sat on the bed behind Janey, and beckoned me, taking my cock into her mouth. I was transfixed, Ted had a large cock, maybe an inch longer than mine, but much thicker, and Janey was struggling to take more than half.

While Sheila sucked gently on my length, she slipped her left hand between Janey’s bum cheeks and played with her slit. Janey – perhaps not realising that they weren’t my fingers teasing her snatch - moved herself to provide better access.

Ted urged Janey on. “That’s good, can you take me all the way?” His arm across Janey’s back lightly pressing her down on his member.

Janey just moaned, and tried to push more into her mouth.

My hands were both tight around Sheila’s fleshy mounds, pinching her large dark nipples. Silently we enjoyed our abandon.

I could feel myself approaching climax, and eased Sheila off my cock. She looked up at me and sensed I wanted to fuck her properly, so she lay beside her partner and opened her legs wide for me. As a gentleman, I leaned over and put my face between her thighs. Sheila’s pussy was trimmed close, and her large labia were open, so I licked and sucked her, tasting her fragrant wetness.

A gentleman I might be, but my need to fuck this sexy voluptuous woman overcame my deference, and I climbed on Sheila, she pulling her legs up inviting me to plunder her pussy.

I did, urging my cock up her, all the way, so wet was she I went straight in, while managing to take her left nipple between my teeth, and pull on it hard.

I sensed Janey moving beside me, and pushed up on my hands to see her climb on top of Ted – not missionary, but facing away from him, and she began lowering herself on to his cock, while Ted held it upright for her.

Janey looked at me, “Love you.” She mouthed at me, and slowly she sat lower. Ted’s erection began to disappear inside her. Then Janey relaxed and was sat with Ted fully inside her. “Wow, that feels so good Don, so fucking good!”

Sheila wanted fucking, and was not about to let me watch my wife while she waited, and she pulled me down on to her “Fuck me.” She whispered in my ear.

I gave myself to this erotic task, and humped her in quick vigorous strokes. Sheila responded, running her hands up and down my back, pulling me tight and squashing her soft bosoms into my chest.

I could vaguely sense Janey and Ted girating beside us; Janey muttering, her pleasure obvious.