Written by pete

18 May 2015

I'm Pete and until recently I lived in Bournemouth. Although married, I've been cruising the usual sex sites, dating sites, and fetish sites for a few years.

I've had my fare share of extra marital fondles and fucks, usually al-fresco, in the car, etc.

Anyway after a while you do spot some familiar faces. I always smile when I see a "butter wouldnt melt" profile on a dating site knowing that the same person is on various fetish/swinging sites.

That's the background to something that has been happening over the last few months. My work had moved from being near Bournemouth airport to being close to Gatwick back in January. The drive had been killing me. Some days I'd be liteo tired to have a wank, let alone sex. My libido had sunk to the level of my otherwise lovely wife. With summer fast approaching, we decided to move to just east of Southampton. This meant we're not a million miles away from my wife's teaching job in Southampton itself, nor are we far away from friends and family. I was assigned with the task of sifting through homes, and viewing some on the way back home from the office (which made sense as I have to pass that area anyway).

Anyone who has ever bought a house will know that females who work for estate agents are all vacuous, shallow, money grabbing bimbos who share the one brain cell present in the office. I'd already met a few before, on a viewing, I recognised a familiar face from the dating/fetish sites. Although built for comfort rather than speed, the extra weight she carried was carried very well. Huge tits, bit of a belly, and thighs that wouldn't look out of place on a rugby player. She looked good for early-mid 40s.

The viewing was the usual...here's the lounge, here's the bathroom, here's the kitchen stuff. It was at least £50k over priced. I did manage to get a sneaky picture of her though whilst holding my phone up as though I was after a better signal.

Back home I scoured the sites, and sure enough there she was. Basically a submissive woman into pretty much everything.

The next day I called and arranged a second viewing but was gutted when some other bimbo showed me round. I quickly looked through their site and the following day had arranged a viewing of a different house, and luckily I got the sub lady.

Once inside the bedroom, I started tapping on the walls and ceiling. It didn't take long for her to ask what I was doing and I responded that I'm trying to find out about the joists and whether the ceiling could take a strong hook. Her whole attitude changed and she was suddenly very interested, however I stayed a little vague. It didnt take her long to spill the beans that she was submissive and open for some fun....but not on that day.

The following morning I got a long text from her, basically saying she was in a relationship so wouldn't fuck me, however she did want fisting. Also the usual cobblers about being discreet, how she values her job and all that.

After a brief exchange of messages, the ground rules were set and a viewing was arranged for that night.

I arrived before her, and once inside she clearly wasnt in a mood for chit chat. As soon as the door closed, her dress was off, revealing classy yet slutty underwear, finished off with stockings and heels. Although a bit "dumpy", the heels transformed that look to tall and slim. She oozed sex.

Not wanting to waste time, she led me to the kitchen, removed her knickers, bent over and simply said "fist me."

I was new to fisting, but my hand slid in effortlessly. It felt amazing. My cock was out, and I was dividing my left hand between wanking and feeling her huge tits. She came in no time, and kept coming again and again after that.She was moaning loudly as she came, and her "rules" went out the window. "Fuck me" she begged. I said I have no condom. "Just fuck me please" she really was begging. I was able to slip my cock in alongside my hand and it was the best fuck I'd had by miles. Once I'd emptied my DVA up her huge cunt, she quickly dressed and we were going our separate ways.

Two days later she calls me from her work, and arranges a viewing for that evening (with no mention of sex). I wasnt disappointed as, when I arrived she was already semi naked and soon this meeting followed the same blueprint as the first.

I eventually bought a place from another agents but to this day I get the occasional call from her to arrange a viewing, which always follows the same routine as our other meets, however they are not remotely tedious or boring. I must have blown half a pint of man fat in her wonderful snatch over these last few months. There's no small talk, I know nothing about her apart from once seeing her in my local waitrose.

I'm writing this as she called with a "viewing" for this week.

I cant wait