Written by Anon 818

28 Jun 2017

Hello, I’m not sure if this counts as swinging but it’s a secret that I’ve been desperate to share for a long time. I can’t tell anyone I know for obvious reasons and the more I think about what I am up to the more pathetic it sounds but I can’t stop.

I’m 28, married with 3 kids. I love my family but my husband does nothing to help me at all. I work part time because we need the money. My family live away so can’t ask them for help and my mother in law is a bitch. She thinks her son married beneath himself and charges me to babysit her own grandchildren. I know this isn’t an agony aunt site but I wanted to sort of paint a picture so maybe you would understand why I do what I do.

Just over a year ago a couple moved into a house a few doors down. They are both in their late 50’s. They run a successful business, are good looking and look after themselves. I managed to convince my husband to pay for child care for a couple of hours a week so I could go to the gym because I wanted to look after myself to get some self-esteem back. This is where I met Alan and Joan.

They are very good at reading people and knew straight away that I wasn’t happy. After a few weeks they invited me back to their home for coffee which turned into me off loading my worries etc.

They were fantastic, they picked me up and made me feel great about myself again. Then one thing led to another and this is where it all started.

We were talking about how my figure was returning. I told Joan about how I was worried that my DD boobs would just continue to droop. They both told me how attractive my figure was and Alan, who is a terrible flirt told me that if he was younger he would have tried to get me into bed a long time ago. I laughed because I thought he was joking, but Joan looked at e and said that he wasn’t. She told me that his fantasy was to have a nice ‘titty fuck’ with these, pointing to my chest.

I was a little shocked but played along. Then Joan suggested I show him what he was missing. I didn’t take her seriously at first but she sat next to me on the sofa and run her fingers down my blouse unbuttoning me one button at a time. I told her to behave but she pulled her T shirt off, took off her bra to show her much smaller breasts. She explained that Alan loved to play with these but they weren’t big enough for a good titty fucking.

I was a little bit shocked but they made it seem so natural and almost normal for friends to do this sort of thing. I guess I was happy that someone was taking an interest in me in that way and so allowed Joan to unbutton my blouse and pull it off. Then she unclipped my bra and threw that to the floor.

I am a bit self-conscious about my breasts since I had the kids so covered them with my hands. Joan pulled my hands away and told me to let Alan see. They mentioned that I seemed ‘excited’ because my nipples were big and hard. Then Joan started to caress them. She invited Alan over to sit next to us. I seriously thought I was about to have my first threesome and to be honest I would have, just for the experience.

Joan said in a very matter of fact way that I should let him have a suck, so I did ad it was wonderful to have another man flick my nipple with his tongue and then start to gently suck. Then Joan gets on her knees and starts to suck my other nipple. I was well on my way to Cumming there and then, this was so unexpected and out of the ordinary for me that it took my breath away and shocked me even though I was allowing it to happen. I still assumed it would lead to sex so I told them that I wasn’t on the pill. Joan stopped, looked up at me and said that Alan only cums in her and that just a titty fuck would be nice.

For the next 30 min or so my new friends sucked me, pulled off my jeans and fingered me at Alan, who was undressed by now took his very impressive penis and pressed my breasts together and had his titty fuck whilst Joan sucked and massaged my breast and at one point fucked my pussy with her tongue.

Then Alan’s’ fucking’ became more urgent and he said he was going to cum. Joan started to get excited and her tongue explored my mouth and then his cock and back to my nipples. Then he exploded and I mean exploded.

Cum splashed onto my face. I was reaching an orgasm and my mouth was open so inadvertently some cum flew into my mouth. Alan pulled back and wanked himself on my chest and came again and that was where Joan took over.

She massaged cum into my chest and cleaned it with her mouth, she seemed like a woman possessed, as though her life depended on getting it all off me.

After she had finished she led me to the bathroom and helped was my chest and face so get rid of the sticky residue. Then we looked at each other and laughed, I told her that this was so unexpected. She asked me if I would l be up for it again sometime and I told her I would think about it.

Now for the last 8 months or so once a week I go to my friends house, there is very little small talk.

We go to the bedroom, all get undressed and I let Alan fuck my breasts. The two of them get carried away and I’m sucked and licked all over. The only thing that’s changed is that most times Joan and I get carried away and end up having sex. I now appreciate another woman’s body especially Joans.

She has small but firm breasts which fit perfectly in my mouth, her nipples become quite long and she loved to press them against my pussy and rub her hard nipples against my clit which makes me cum. They convinced me to shave my pussy to enhance the experience and we rub our wet pussies together and ALWAYS make each other cum which gets Alan going again. Now and then he gets too excited and end up fucking my mouth before taking Joan from behind. He never cums in my pussy which is disappointing but its makes it safe fun I guess.