Written by Isla

26 Aug 2015

Back in May I told you about how I came to have two lovers in parallel. David – longstanding, long distance but passionate & multi orgasmic relationship and Chris – more recent, local, dependable more of a lunch with sex type arrangement.

Hubby was home from one of his long extended business trips. Out of the blue over dinner he said ‘I know you are seeing someone. Do you want to tell me about it?’. I denied it of course but he was adamant. ‘look’ he said ‘I’m not angry. In fact I’ve been expecting it at some point in our marriage. But I’d rather it was out in the open than festering away behind the scenes.’ I needed to think fast. ‘so given that you’ve never said anything about anything do I assume that you’ve never had anyone else?’ I asked him. ‘well, as a matter of fact no. I came close once I must admit but it never amounted to anything – a few dinners but that’s about it. you know I’ve never had a high sex drive and philandering just isnt my thing. This is about you and your situation’ he let that hang. Oh god, what to say? Where to start? Which one do I pick? “well, maybe it’s the same for me” I said. “ok. I’ll make it easier for you. here’s what I think – his name is Chris and I suspect he may be your ex boss but I’m not sure and I’d guess its been going on for a year or so now’. I’m sure I let out a little gasp but tried to hold it together. Secretly I was delighted that he knew about Chris and not David. Chris was dispensible (which is probably where this was heading), David much less so. So I confessed about Chris.

The outcome wasn’t quite what I was expecting. In fact he was opening a negotiation. Quite a bit older than me, my husband is past his retirement date but has carried on working because he enjoys the travel and we enjoy the money. But now he had had enough of work and had met someone he really liked – nothing had happened yet and there was no guarantee that it would (she is married) but he’d like to spend more time at our villa in Portugal and he would like to have the freedom to go to the US for extended fishing trips and to spend time with ‘Caroline’ if she would let him. This was a lot to take in. I told him that he didn’t need to take a lover and that I would finish with Chris if he wanted me to, that it meant very little to me and that it was just because I got so lonely over the years. He said he understood this but that he would rather we have this arrangement but in an open way because he still loved me and wanted to remain married. I said that I would think about it for a week or two to which he agreed.

That night to my surprise he made love to me. And for the next few nights while he was here. It felt different somehow, like some tension had been released. But I had a big decision to make…