Written by Clive

1 Feb 2013

I'd attempted persuading Joanne to try a threesum for several months. I tried to whet her appetite with fantasies of having a guy with a big cock join us for some sexy fun, telling her how much I'd love to watch her being fucked, assuring her I was certain she'd enjoy it. She seemed to get into the fantasies, dildoing herself, while I watched and wanked, then fuck her afterwards but she refused to reveal exactly what her fantasy was. That's as far as I got, I thought.

Months later, early last year, after I'd almost given up, out of the blue she mentioned a threesum. Saying she'd been thinking about it. Perhaps things did need spicing up. She would do it, provided it was on her terms, with someone she'd chosen, provided I accepted the consequences, any decision to call a halt or continue would be entirely hers and fatally it would be up to her if I participated or just watched. All fairly reasonable conditions, except the last, which I didn't think she really meant, so I agreed without giving it much thought. It was only about 4 days later, a Friday, that she told me she'd arranged for a guy to come to the house and fuck her the following night. That was quicker than I expected, but looking forward to seeing her being fucked didn't think it odd, largely because she's a fit looking woman who wouldn't have any problem finding men to fuck her. Joanne is 44, looks younger, a nice slim body, amazing, incredibly firm and perky, gravity defying, 38dd tits, “legs to die for” one of her friends had described her long shapely legs, and until Graham came on the scene seemed to welcome my cock into her tight shaved pussy.

It started with the three of us. Graham a 22 year old guy who she'd selected from the ones who'd replied to an Ad she secretly placed on a site. I only saw the Ad a few days later, dated several weeks earlier, which read along the lines of; Wanted VWE (minimum of 8 inches) young cocks, 20 to 25 Must be heavy and repeat cummers, to satisfy Mature big titted woman who seeks sexual liberation and more than my husband can give me. The big cock was no surprise, if you'd seen her collection of dildo's, but I raised my eyebrows at the 20 to 25, she'd never mentioned wanting sex with younger men. As for the rest, well the meaning was evident when I read it. I had been well and truly set up. I could have used it as a reason to call a halt but chose not to.

She welcomed him almost as if he was an old friend, fetched him a drink, flirting with him before stripping to just her stockings and suspenders. She seemed totally relaxed in his presence playing with herself. It was only later that I discovered she'd been having video chats with him and several other men for weeks and it wasn't the first time he or numerous others had seen her fingering herself or masturbating. Enjoyable to watch, both of us naked and wanking, me feeling a bit jealous of the size of his huge cock. Joanne climaxed, lay for a few minutes, legs still open, her cunt wet and gaping before getting up and going upstairs with us following. I fucked her while she sucked his cock, but once I'd cum I was sidelined. I watched him fuck her four times during the evening. He fucked her from behind. Later with him on top, her legs over his shoulders, his thick eight inch cock penetrating her more deeply than I ever could, bringing her to a powerful and prolonged orgasm. She rode him, reverse cowgirl, deliberately facing me, ensuring I could see his large cock, stretching her tight hole, filling her cunt. The expression on her face challenging me to try and stop her if I dared.

They stopped for liquid refreshment, we went down to the lounge, Joanne put on a DVD he'd brought. The location our bedroom, the star Joanne, the date two weeks previously when I'd been away. I watched both aroused and shocked as Joanne walked into view of what was obviously a fixed webcam. She slowly undressed until she was completely naked. Opened a drawer next to the bed and selected a couple of vibrators. She got on the bed, puffed up the pillows, laid back and opened her legs wide. For the next 10 minutes or so the video showed her fingering and masturbating, bringing herself to climax, before spending the next 30 minutes, fucking her cunt with her vibrators. While I was watching all this with rapt attention, Joanne was sucking Graham’s cock, getting him ready to fuck her for a fourth time. The dvd ended, she stopped sucking him, took hold of his cock and led him back to the bedroom. I followed stroking my throbbing erection. She pushed him onto the bed, straddled him, guided his cock into her cunt and they fucked again.

I was ready to join in, got on the bed, offered her my cock to suck, she pushed me away, told me to “Fuck off” and have a wank, she didn't want me to stay. I retired to the spare room, listening as he fucked her. It was wonderful listening to her, giving herself to another man with such abandon, the sounds of animal lust and passion when she climaxed without restraint. I crept into the bedroom about an hour later. Joanne had his semi erect cock in her hand, trying to coax him hard again. I went to get in the bed to try again, she stopped wanking him, and said ”Fuck off back to the other room. I'll call if I need you, but I doubt that I will” bending back down to suck his cock. I went back into the spare room, lay wanking as they fucked again in the next room, the realisation of what I'd instigated sinking in, and what I already suspected my new position in her life was going to be.

I was woken early the next morning by the sound of the headboard banging against the wall, Joanne screaming to be fucked harder, followed by the sound of her climaxing, several times it seemed. I heard him moving around the bedroom, then the door opening, him speaking reminding her about something on Wednesday as he went downstairs and left. I waited a minute before going into the, marital bedroom. Joanne was laid in the centre of the bed, legs open, the epitome of a well fucked, sexually uninhibited woman. The sheets were stained with dried, still damp and fresh wet semen, more running from her recently fucked cunt.

She opened her eyes, saw me looking between her legs. “I need cleaning” she said. “I'll put the shower on” I replied. “No. You do it. Go down on me. Lick me clean. You wanted to see me fucked. Now you can clean up the mess” I hesitated, looking at the spunk oozing from her hole. My cock stiffened, revealing my excitement. “If you want to fuck me, clean me first” I went down on her, poked my tongue in her spunk laden cunt, tasted her juices diluted with semen, licked and swallowed some, accepting the taste wasn't unpleasant. I lapped, licked and sucked her cunt clean, started moving to climb on top and fuck her. She closed her legs, “I've changed my mind. I think you can stick to cleaning duties from now on. Have a wank instead and get used to it” My suspicions confirmed, I took hold of my erection and tossed off, excited by what had happened, and the knowledge that everything had changed.

By Wednesday she had told me that she'd been preparing and planning with Graham, that he had already fucked her several times. She'd discussed it with other guys for weeks before, adding those she liked to a list of guys she intended to invite to fuck her. She only wanted young guys with big cocks to fuck her in future. She would allow me to watch sometimes, clean her afterwards and possibly if I earned it be allowed to fuck her. She made it clear that what she wanted was non-negotiable. From now on I would get my thrills by watching her being fucked, just as I said I'd wanted. I accepted that my future lay as a cuckold husband only allowed to wank while proudly watching other guys fuck my sexy wife.

The Wednesday evening she came home with a couple of bags of new clothing. I was told to set up and connect my new wireless HD camcorder to the laptop in the bedroom, move the halogen floor lamps upstairs and position them around the bed. I now knew what Graham had been referring to. I checked everything was working, the bed starkly illuminated in bright white light, clear on the laptop screen. Joanne came in from the bathroom naked, patting her freshly shaved pussy dry with a towel. Fuck she looked horny, her heavy breasts rising and falling as she breathed, her long nipples already erect in anticipation of whatever acts she was going to perform on cam. She stood in front of the cam naked, cupping her tits, pulling her nipples, then laid on the bed. She opened her legs, studying her cunt in the centre of the screen, until she was satisfied.

She emptied the bags of new clothes on the bed. She allowed me to stay and watch her dress. A soft leather black suspender belt, matching thong and shelf bra, little more than a band under her breasts, leaving her nipples uncovered, black fishnet stockings. Out of a separate bag a pair of fuck me shoes. She did her hair, was just finishing her make-up when the door bell rang. “Don't just stand there. Go and let them in” she instructed.

I went down stairs, opened the door let Graham and two other guys in. Joanne hurried down behind me, standing in the hall the front door still open, uncaring if the neighbours might see her half naked. I managed to close the door before she took them upstairs, calling down to me to fetch some beers. By the time I got up there, Graham and Jeff were both naked and on the bed with Joanne. The other guy had the camcorder, checking the connection to the laptop, logged on, spoke to someone, adjusted the volume, streaming video to I don't know who.

I stood in the corner, watching as Joanne took part in a live sex show. They removed her leather thong within the first two or three minutes. She knelt, sucking their cocks in turn, a hand between her legs frigging her clit, fingering her cunt. The changed positions, Jeff slid his cock in her cunt and started to fuck her while she continued sucking off Graham. The swapped, fucking and sucking. She straddled one took his cock facing the camera, sucking the other one. They flipped her over, she took a cock from behind the other in her mouth. She'd cum two or three times genuinely, not faking I’m certain, before Jeff started ramming her harder and came in her cunt. He pulled out, the Cam lingered on her, videoing as his spunk gushed from her cunt and slowly dribbled down her leg, soaking her stockings. Graham moved into position, entered her, angled to one side. I could see his cock, Joanne's cunt, dripping spunk, opening to take him as he penetrated her sodden hole and she was fucked for a second time. He fucked her hard, frequently changing positions, ensuring that there were plenty of shots of his cock pumping in and out of her cunt. He had impressive control, brought her to three or four intense climaxes, delaying his own for about 40 minutes before he ejaculated, the first spurt inside her cunt, then quickly pulled out and sprayed two or three heavy jets on her body and face.

The guy shut down the video, he didn't want to appear. He undressed, climbed on the bed and had his turn, fucking her while just the three of us watched. More beers, while they replayed their performance, Graham and Jeff showing signs of being ready to go again by the end. I watched them fuck her again, before she told me to go to the spare room. I listened while they all fucked her then heard them leave after midnight and was summonsed back into the bedroom. As last time Joanne was laid legs spread, even more spunk soaking the sheets and her. She didn't need to tell me what to do. I knew my duty, her cunt needed cleaning with my tongue and I obediently knelt between her legs lowered my head and sucked and licked all the spunk and sex honey from her beautiful fucked pussy. I aimed to please in the hope that I might be allowed to fuck her, if not then but as a reward if I consistently perform my cleaning duties, diligently and without complaint.

This was just the first week for me, nearly a month building up to it for Joanne. I had already recognised that this was what she had wanted and fantasised doing at my instigation. I had agreed to the terms before hand and now had to accept the consequences. From now on I was going to be a cuckold, required only for Cleaning Duties, if I was very lucky an occasional fuck, otherwise expected to wank to relieve my sexual needs, often in front of Joanne and whoever was fucking her, for their entertainment and amusement.

That was just the start, just as I had wanted to see her being fucked, she had plans for me.