Written by James

11 Oct 2010

Three weeks after Paula’s first video, I got a phone call from Greg. He told me that he had two clients from Birmingham from a firm that Greg was seeking a contract with. They had visited the company and when Paula had brought in some details, these clients had as he said, taken quite a shine to her.

Greg, being the total bastard that he is, had shown them the photo’s Richard had taken during Paula’s stills shoot at our home.

He had, if you remember, taken advantage of her when she’d asked him to employ me, and he’d fucked her, with the promise of work from Richard. Now he told me he’d like to bring these two clients to our home, and for me to persuade her to supply sexual favours to oil the wheels of his deal.

I was stunned into silence for a few moments whilst I listened to him describe the men.

“ They are both black, a father and son to be precise, the son is my age, mid thirties and his dad is about 60 I would guess. I think you should persuade her James, after all, you can watch us”

“Us?” I retorted,

“Yes us,” he answered, “ after all, it’s you who can’t get it up to fuck her, not me and as I’ll be there as well, I may as well take a turn between Paula’s lovely stockinged legs, sticking my cock into that beautiful hot hairy bush”

He knew what he was doing, although I didn’t get an erection, I could feel my heart beat faster and a warm feeling in my cock.

“I’ll speak to her and you persuade her………if she needs persuading that is, I think you wife likes black cock after that video shoot…….oh and bye the way, you’ll like this, we will want her bareback!”

At this thought, I felt my cock leak some cum into my pants.

Next day, Paula came home and asked me to sit down. She again looked very shame faced and embarrassed, she told me what I already knew, she didn’t know Greg had spoken to me, but he had told her to ask me if it was ok. He had implied that if I didn’t agree, it would be ok and the arrangement would be off. She looked at me and I’m sure she was hoping that I would not agree, but thinking of my own gratification, seeing her fucked once again, this time by 3 men, I said it was ok and to tell Greg..

I couldn’t be sure, but Paula looked saddened by my acquiescence to having my wife used for men’s pleasure. I knew of course, that once started, Paula would enjoy it too.

Paula texted Greg to confirm and to my surprise, she was told to be ready for them at 8 that evening, and to wear her business suit, the skirt about 3inches above the knee, over black lacy knicks hold ups white blouse and matching black bra finished off with her 2 inch heeled shoes she wears at work. The clients had wanted her as they first saw her in Greg’s office.

I answered the door at 8 as arranged, and was a bit shocked when I saw the father, the son was a fit looking mid thirties and very good looking, but the father, was over 60 and looked a brute of a man, he looked as if he’d done some boxing in his youth, but not won many. He was completely bald and a good size belly, bigger than Des, who played the landlord in Paula’s video shoot 3 weeks earlier, even smartly dressed as he was, could not hide the fact that he was very brutish in appearance.

This fact only heightened my excitement, the thought of my wife’s humiliation at having this man use her as a common slut.

Why I should find this such a turn on, I could not answer myself. Until Greg had first seduced her, Paula had for 20 years, been a beautiful faithful loving wife, but since my inability to become aroused, I took delight in seeing her fucked and ravaged by black men, although up to this point, only Des had fucked her in the video shoot, but now seeing this black man, with his horrid looks, I could see that from now on, the worse Paula’s humiliation, the more my excitement and self gratification would be.

Paula was sitting in the lounge but stood up as soon as I showed the 3 men in. Straight away, Greg hugged her and kissed her whilst I sat in a chair nearest the fire place. The father Joe, flopped onto the sofa, but the son, Daniel also hugged and kissed Paula. He lingered with his tongue flicking in and out of her mouth. He had turned her back to the sofa and whilst kissing her, lifted her skirt exposing her stocking tops and pants, all the time stroking her bottom.

Joe had taken out his cock and was slowly rubbing it. I was surprised because I had expected another black truncheon the same as Des, but his was no bigger than 6 inches, though it was thick.. Daniel stopped kissing Paula and sat down opposite his father on another chair.

Joe told Paula to walk around a bit and bend over a few times as she had done in the office, then to take off her jacket.

My cock was rising in anticipation, but not hard yet.

“Now then” Joe said, “we all know what we’re here for, so come ere me duck and suck this”

Paula got to her knees started to suck Joe’s cock. I maneuvered myself to see better and whilst I was concentrating on my wife with her face buried in the crotch of this repugnant man, I hadn’t noticed that Danny had taken off his clothes. He was a fine figure of a man, and he had a bigger cock that his father. He got down on his knees, behind Paula and lifted her skirt up to her waist. The reaching around her front, pulled her blouse out of the waist band of her skirt, unbuttoned it and pulled her bra down so that her breasts were hanging out but pushed up by the bra beneath them. He fondled them as he forced her knees apart and rubbing himself against her panty clad bottom. He then slid them over her hips, pushed a 2 fingers into her, then withdrawing them and licking her juices from them, lined up his cock up with her cunt, that was by now very wet, pulled back his foreskin and inserted the bulbous head. With one steady push, he drove his cock into her till he could go no father.

Paula gasped, but because her mouth was full of Joe’s cock and he was pushing her head down into his crotch, she could only make a loud muffled nasal noise as if she had sinus problem.

Danny was now fucking her with great vigor, his father, was very close to cumming by the look on his face and I was wanking furiously. My excitement at my wife’s humiliation, having her face fucked by Joe while being fucked by his son from behind, added to the fact she wasn’t naked, but simply looked as if she was treated as the plaything she was, forced to satisfy these men’s lust, had my cock, bigger than I’d ever noticed before.

Joe grunted and came in Paula’s mouth. His cock may not have been as big as I’d have liked to ravage my wife, but his capacity for spunk production was awesome.

Paula gagged and pulled her head up, coughing and spluttering cum from her mouth, but Joe’s cock still fired jet after jet into Paula’s face and hair. Five good spurts I saw hit her before his eruption subsided. She turned her head to the side and I saw the extent of her humiliation, she was covered with thick strings of cum, they were like thick white bootlaces hanging from her. This was too much for me and as I lay back in my chair looking at her, wanking myself to a relief I’d not had in 3 weeks, I too shot the most spunk I’ve ever done before, hitting myself under my chin and down the front of my shirt.

Joe was telling her how much of a beautiful white slut she was when Danny gripped her hips and with an animal like howl, came inside her. He kept going long enough with his hand in front of her, teasing her clit and he brought her off in an orgasm a minute later.

She flopped onto her back in one of the most wonderful sights I have seen, skirt up around her waist, knickers around her knees, her cunt red and puffy with spunk running out, her blouse open and her tits out, some of Joe’s dying eruptions I now noticed had hit her tits, and her hair and face covered in Joe’s spunk.

I got my camera and took a dozen or more shots from every angle, hopefully I would be able to wank over them during the day when Paula was at work.

Of course, Joe still hadn’t fucked Paula and neither had Greg. Joe’s belly was too big to allow him to fuck her conventionally, lying in bed, so the dining table was prepared, a thick blanket laid on it and Paula placed on her back with her legs hanging off the end and her cunt right at the edge.

He couldn’t see by his belly to enter her and so he told me to kneel down and feed his cock into her for him. My cock immediately stiffened and I held the tip at the enterance of her cunt.

Joe pushed without any fineness whatsoever, his stiff cock into her and began fucking her. His breathing was laboured and he sounded like a right slob, meanwhile Greg and Danny were sucking on her tits, she meanwhile was gripping the sides of the table, holding on from the battering she was receiving from Joe.

He lasted about 3 minutes when he sent another but smaller eruption of black cum up her.

Greg moved to get between her legs, but as he did, I noticed my cock was rock hard and shouted to him, “no let me now” and I pushed past him and for the first time in months, I pushed my cock into my wife. Of course I didn’t fuck her, as soon as I was inside her, my body shook, I gasped “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and I felt a warm tingle at the end of my cock and a little spunk dribble out into my wife.

Greg laughed, but this was the nearest I been to a fuck with my wife in ages. I sat down in the chair and watched as Greg and Danny fucked Paula a further twice each, thrust and laughing to themselves. Paula for some reason had only cum that once earlier. The three left around eleven, Paula showered and went to bed. I downloaed the pictures of her and sat staring at them till 1am.

Next day, Paula was home by lunch time. Joe had signed the contract, but not before they had both fucked Paula again over Greg’s desk, all three of them taking her from behind. Had she cum herself? Yes she had, as one fucked her, one played with her clit. Who had fed Joe’s cock into her? No one he managed quite well, last night he had got me to feed Paula’s cunt with his cock for my benefit, the ultimate humiliation, help a man service a wife that he couldn’t do himself.

I don’t want to be humiliated I told her, I simply can’t get a hard on………and I thought, the only way I can is to see you humiliated and abused.